How do I train myself not to be lazy?

So once again, I didn’t register for classes, so I have to wait until the next session to register because I didn’t feel like it. So i’m going to be behind on my degree. I just don’t have any ambition…I just want to play video games, work a manual labor job, and sleep.
I was a shitbag in the military, i’m trying to get out of the routine, because that has got me in trouble before. But now I just don’t know how to motivate myself.

What motivates you guys to be aggressive?

Sounds like suicide is the answer, can I have your stuff?

Go to your doctor and tell him this. Sounds like common depression.

Don’t want to just quote someone and say he’s right, but he is :\

Go to a homeless shelter and hear their horror stories. That’ll put some pep in your step. :slight_smile:

Well i guess the question is are you depressed or just a lazy fuck? If you’re depressed then go see a doctor and get help. If your just a lazy fuck then man the fuck up and get your shit done. It’s not that hard. Look at your goals in life and see if they are what you really want or not. If you’re happy where you are and your taking care of your own responsibilities and not relying on anyone to carry you then I don’t see the problem, but if your being carried by someone cuz your lazy then get your shit together. Relying on others was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life and I never want to go back to it. Was a pain in the ass, and still is since i have no car at the moment but best believe I’m workin to get that shit fixed and you should to if thats the issue.

I’m also a lazy person by nature, and always have been. I’ve seen that when I’m not lazy I can be just as good as anyone else out there with perfect grades etc etc, but that’s not the path of life I chose. I’m okay with just " getting by " .

Now that I’m on my own and in college, I also have a hard time getting out and doing productive things. One person who really helps change that is my girlfriend. It’s a lot easier to do things when you have someone to do them with.

But I think the real thing is that if you have someone who shares a common interest or goal, it makes it easier…

They say being lazy as fuck can be a part of depression. I went to therapy and stuff for depression, and I was lazy as fuck. I would highly recommend therapy. I find therapy does help out a lot in just general things. Therapy can help find a diagnosis as to if you suffer from something or not, and may help point out things you just may have not realized. If anything, try therapy out and they can help you out.

Don’t smoke weed.

Sounds to me like you just have no real AMBITION or PASSION to improve upon your status in life. Think about what you Need and forget ‘want’.

Any fool can “want” something, the question is do you NEED it? Do you need to be in college to fulfill your goals & the lifestyle you dream of?

Also a little lazyness is just natural. I’m highly motivated to do what needs to be done in order to make things happen in life, but even then i have my decent stints where i just want to laze around and not look at assignments or do anything.

Like right now i’m doing a summer semester in college, i know i should be working on my Physics homework for tomorrow, but damn i just don’t feel like it. Eventually in 4-6 hours i’ll get around to it but not now.

Also you have to ask yourself if you really BELIEVE in your ability. Sometimes a product of laziness can be because you have a “phobia” of the work, and doubt you can handle it. So you just make excuses to put it off. For example i hate math and can’t stand to look at complex algebraic equations. When i was in those classes like Math-101, i always waited till the last minute to tackle stuff because it was such a pain in the ass.

get a small notebook and write your daily todo list.

that way if u accomplish a lot, you wont feel bad when u waste time doing something non-prodcutive as if u deserved it

Do something crazy that will might change your perpective of life, sky dive, bungie jump, get into a fight etc.

Where are the trolls?

I don’t really know your situation or anything, but trust me. You do not want to work a manual labor job, especially if you’re lazy. Degrees are a pain in the ass, and that is why they are worth getting. It will be a pain in the ass, but just keep taking classes and eventually you’ll be done. Then you can afford to be lazier.

You also might want to consider just taking a break from your routine for a week.

Stop smoking weed.

Cause turtling IRL is boring. (not to say it isn’t a decent strat but…)

I’m surprised some of you guys are all falling in this this troll trap. All his threads he’s ever created have been locked.

Btw, if this is serious and you truly are just lazy then that’s fine. There’s always a demand for janitors or wal-mart employees.

what about cutting your hair before doing reshoots for your movie and not telling the director

Probably the biggest problem of this generation - instead of manning up and admitting that you are a lazy, useless fuck people now like to self diagnosis themselves with nonsense pretend conditions, like “common depression.”

No one likes to take responsibility for their own shitty life - they blame it on their upbringing, on bullshit brain chemical imbalances, on society, on anything other than themselves.

Although I believe personal responsibility is important, it isn’t something you’re necessarily born with. This idea of “personal responsibility” is something that must be taught and encouraged from the start of one’s life.

Are you trying to state that things like upbringing, social pressures, brain chemical imbalances (if there is such a thing as “imbalance” being that there is no real definition of a brain that is "balanced), have nothing to do with it? Surely, these things are significant factors when discussing something like “personal responsibility.”

SRK: Where every single answer to all of your problems is “MAN UP.” Oh, you’re depressed because you’ve been stricken with a disease that has no cure or your family was killed in a car accident? MAN THE FUCK UP, you CREATED your OWN SHITTY LIFE!

What a joke.