How do I train myself not to be lazy?

That’s true for a lot of people these days… but for the rest, they don’t need to ‘man up,’ they need to visit a doctor before something regrettable happens to him/herself, and/or loved ones. If they have a problem, they’re holding themselves back from real success or happiness.

Howard Hughes ‘manned up’ and was successful as all hell… until he started eating his own shit (because it made him a better movie critic!)

In this case, we’re saying ‘man up’ because the OP is a well known troll, who should be sucking cock for rent money.

I know this guy is a troll, but Lint’s post wasn’t to just this poster. It was a broad sweeping generalization about today’s “generation.”

Set your alarm to “Final Countdown”.

If you’re feeling depressed, hit up a buddy that has a jetski. Try being sad on one of those.

get a small notebook

Sick this is going to be a post about death note right?


On the other side of that coin though, stuff like therapy and medication is not always the answer to depression. A person can be quite healthy, no imbalances or anything, and still be depressed as fuck if they just aren’t happy with the way their lives are.

In this case that person just needs to man-up and start working towards FIXING the problems that are causing his/her life to be lousy to begin with, and the resulting depression from it.

Also when one looks at the Psychology side of things, all “depression” is, is the child-like part of the Human Psyche(the “id”) that is just lashing out when its needs and wants are not met. Kinda like the Boss at your job when things aren’t going well.

The only way to truly make that voice go way, and appease that part of you that is clearly not happy, is to get to work on making shit better.

Death Note is a good anime.

but honestly, a small notebook is easier to carry around than a big notebook =P

you can also use the notebook to write down fighting game strats and combos,

that’s how I learned to play Litchi when BlazBlue first came to arcades!!!

Litchi is awesome!

recall this famous slogan, imo.

lol, you’re a fucking idiot. It’s a common symptom for people who have depression. People who are depressed believe they have no purpose in life, and that their existence is meaningless. To them nothing is worth doing since they can’t find purpose in anything. This causes activities which are important to be neglected. Like things related to hygiene, social interaction, schoolwork. All of this stems from this negative feeling that they aren’t worth anything and have no purpose on this earth.

Even though this is an obvious troll thread based upon this dudes posting record. If someone were to ask how they could correct this there is an underlying condition present in their behavior. This isn’t caused because of “typical societal trends.” I will say that one harmful societal trend is to immediately hand people “medicine” which frankly doesn’t correct anything and for some can become VERY dangerous. Our society puts too much emphasis on drug use to solve our psychological problems.

i too have motivation issues

like right now i’m sitting in boxers that are 5 years old and the crotch area is basically ripped to shreds.

the hole keeps getting bigger every time it pops up in the rotation yet i don’t bother to throw them out and just buy new pairs even though i have enough money for them. just the thought of having to go to the store and buy them or an online site just makes me exhausted

most of my boxers are like this or the waistband is just all non elastic anymore due to years of abuse but i’m not motivated to do anything about it

get as much ass as you can

God damn, if you don’t understand that brain biology and upbringing play a significant part in who we are then you’re a fucking idiot.

^^^ thats not what he said, he said people try to justify their lazyness make shifting the blame towrds things they cant control. But you need to learn to stop making excuses for the hand of cards youre dealt, and really do what you got to do so you can be happy in life. Or just sit on your ass with no degree, playing videogames all day living paycheck to paycheck.

I cant tell if this is a troll of not. At any rate:

If its something that you really want or want to be in life, then you’ll do what you have to do to get there.

Clearly if school was more important than doing nothing, you would have registered for classes. Its your life not mine tho.

even though that’s true…there are still hindrances people have which prevents them from functioning like a normal person.

e.g. depression


Put up your own “motivational posters” where you sleep so when you open your eyes you’re reminded of what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

Works for my girl and the gym, even though she’s got a great body she still uses it to motivate herself to get there and bust her ass to stay looking the way she does. Me on the other hand, I just look at the people I know and the people around me and tell myself I want to be better than them, which right now is better than I am, and that gets me moving to do what I have to.

Fuck. The OP sounds exactly like me… except for the school & military part. :sad:

What you need to do is pull your dick out your ass and grow the fuck up. Life isn’t a fucking game so put down the god damn video game and work towards a goal. I don’t mean get yourself a place so you can just play video games all day and live a mediocre life. Works towards a damn career and living like an adult and not a child.

In the forest eating hobits.

That’s exactly what he said:

Depression isn’t a made up disease any more than cancer or diabetes and you can’t will yourself out of it by “manning up” any more than you can with other diseases. If people don’t understand this by now then they should stay the hell out of medical discussions with that kind of ignorance. No one claimed it wasn’t their fault if they just sit around and don’t do anything about it. Like every other disease, if you don’t get treatment then the effects of the disease are 100% your fault. I hate hearing morons give out their uninformed medical opinions like it means shit. It’s not only annoying but potentially dangerous if anyone listens to these idiots.