How do I train myself out of this bad habit?


I’ll try to explain the issue as quickly as possible:

  • Rose is my main and has been since I started the game, but I’ve recently tried to pick up most rushdown oriented characters, like Rufus and Yun
  • Rose is not execution heavy and has many cancelable normals, which means that you often don’t need to care about if a particular normal is crouching or standing (eg, J.HP, C.HP -> Spiral and JP/S.HP -> Spiral both work)
  • Unfortunately, this has meant that I often mess up combos that require a standing normal vs. a crouching one. For example, with Rufus, I often end up getting a C.HP when I want a S.HP, which causes me to drop the combo. The problem is that I am starting the motion for his Galatic Tornado too early, which causes me to get C.HP
  • I run into the same problem with Yun when trying to do his BnB. I end up getting C.MP instead of S.MP because I do the motion for his upkicks too early
  • Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of this tendency? Should I just do endless drills in training mode until the right timing is automatic?


do the motions quicker and just grind it in training mode


Do each section slowly and put them together and speed up.


…play offline money matches. :tup:


This is always a good idea. Helps develop your muscle memory so that you can better land those combos consistently.

One tip that always helped me is to let the arcade stick, or d-pad, or analog stick, rest at neutral before you try to do combos. This way you won’t fall into the tendency of always doing motions too early or dragging your motions that might produce sloppy inputs and more errors in execution. Before you do any series of attacks, including combos, let your hand go to neutral before inputting your combos.


You need to be one with your execution before you start grinding it into your muscle memory. You can definitely feel the difference between <u>D + HP > DF > F</u>, and <u>HP > D > DF > F.</u>

Training mode, bro!


Huh? Rose is pretty execution heavy. Sure her combos aren’t particularily lengthy, but even her basic BNBs are one frames. <div><br></div><div>Yun and Rufus are no more execution heavy than her. Just their normal game is weaker so they’re more dependent on solid execution. If you mess up Rose’s BNBs you get an amazing frametrap, if you mess up Yun’s you get nothing particularly useful. </div><div><br></div><div>I recommend just grinding it out in training mode, though, yeah. </div>


I recommend researching different grip techniques, as this can also help with execution.<br>Recently I did this and was using a Daigo style, but have noticed that if I use the wineglass grip, my execution is more consistent and accurate.<br>Obviously, you want a grip that is most comfortable, but also one that will allow you to be consistent and have smooth, controlled movements with the stick.<br><br>As Sashi said above, by breaking down the combo(s) into sections and doing them each slowly will help program muscle memory. Purposely pause in-between the motion you usually do early and the Standing P.  Then gradually speed things up and you should be fine.<br><br>Just brainstorms, I’m no expert by far.<br><br>