How do I unlock the EX (2 & 3) Titles?

Yeah, my question is in the topic. Does anyone here have a clue? A search before came up with the answer that it has something to do with winning tourneys. Although after 21 wins they are still not popping up.

Thanks for your answers!

Oh srk, how you have failed me…

Have you checked gamefaqs?
Can’t seem to find any other site that lists the titles, sad to say.

I’m pretty sure the titles were rewards from actual tournaments and not tournament mode. I remember hearing something about some tournaments giving them out for top spots or something.

You can only get those titles by winning official capcom (sponsored) tournaments, they give you one of them randomly if you win and such.

damn, on PC I saw a bunch of people with them, but there is the unlocker so that would explain that…
That may be it, thanks after all :slight_smile: