How do I unscrew super-tight Seimitsu buttons?

Yes, this was my first time working with screw-ins, and I screwed it in to tight…to the point I can’t unscrew them off. Is there a trick I can do to unscrew it? HELP! :xeye:

Twist the button instead of the nut. It will eventually come loose.

tried that. it won’t budge. :xeye:

lefty loosey righty tighty…

Did you try to rotate the nut with a screwdriver? Know what I mean?

you don’t know what we’re talking about.

I did this to one of mine, got it undone by twisting the button by holding on to the microswitch. If that doesn’t work try using some pliers.

i just tried both of those suggestions too! i’m running out of ideas, guys. :crybaby:

No, you’re not catching my drift. Take a flat small flat head, put it into the nut’s ridges/groove/??? and try to get the nut to rotate by pushing up/down with the screw driver, just enough to get it loose.

Did you try getting an adjustable monkey wrench and gripping the button by the switch?

I’m curious how tight you have it. I’ve had some in there really damned good that I was able to get by twisting the button the opposite direction of the nut. It did take some elbow grease. If you can’t get a good enough grip on it I’d look for one of those non-slip pads to open jars. It probably just needs a good twist.

sorry, tried that. the case is aluminum, if that helps any.

yes, i just tried that while you uploaded the pic.:pleased:

no worky.

haven’t tried that yet. i might as well try, lol.

yeah i figured i needed more elbow grease by grabbing onto the microswitch to do it.

i’m supposed to twist counter-clockwise, right?

it appears that when i do that, the nut slides with the button. sigh

hold the nut with some arc joint pliers and turn the button using the microswitch on the button

Call arnold schwarzenegger and ask him to unscrew it for you?

being a douchebag doesn’t help.

I’d say worst case scenario you spray a lil wd40 or so between the nut/microswitch, grab a pair of pliers, and just let out a big groan as you loosen the nuts…

wd-40 might be my last resort… :sad:

put on a glove and twist it as hard as you can if that doesnt work then um you’re blown?

Is WD-40 a good idea to use on that…I don’t think so…