How do i use animation in avatars? ( i use photoshop


i have the basic understanding of avatars, i made the avatar that i currently have but how do i put animation in it or make it flash different colors or make the characters in it do their taunts or something, SUM1 PLZ HELP! My AIM is X117SPARTAN if it is easier to communicate there


You can’t use photoshop to do animation.

However, urien luck, because you can use Imageready to do animation. Just click on the “Jump to imageready” button on the bottom of the photoshop tool palette.


thanks that really helped, i gaurantee ill come back with questions :smiley:


redirect em to the sticky. The one that says Image Manipulation something or other.


hey i use Photoshop Elements and in the picture u posted theres nothing below those 2 colors that u can switch


Because thats from Photoshop, you are using the program that is based on photographs, not the all around program.


… damnit i guess ill download another free trial of photoshop. I downloaded a free trial of imageready but it keeps saying missing JS32.dll even tho i moved imageready to adobe photoshop directory. oh well


You arent using photoshop thats why, you are using elements, they are different programs for different things.


ok i have real photoshop now and imageready… but i still dont know how to animate stuff its very confusing. i have a picture of chibi akuma moving like his normal stance but in imageready he doesnt move at all. How i put him in avatar so he always moving?