How do I use elfuerte's Ultra 1 as an anti air for jump backs?

I’ve seen so many el fuerte’s do it. Use ultra 1 as punish for people jumping back. People jumping back is one of the most annoying things to against as an elfuerte and currently I have no idea how to anti air people who jump back when i have ultra. If I can bring them fear at jumping away from me I have we more control of the match. I’ve seen a lot of japanese fuerte’s do this and I’m not sure how to exactly to practice it or what kind of set ups to use other then run back tortilla ultra on jump back kind of thing. (even then It usually wiffs for me for some reason) Do you guys have any suggestions?

It’s all about reading your opponent’s playstyle, habits and patterns. Learn to identify in what situations they frequently jump back. Learn how to bait them into jumping back.

Don’t do it with the intention of landing the ultra but do it to see what causes various opponents and various characters to retreat. Once you’ve figured out the how, when and why then it’s time to work on setting up how to use the ultra.

The key to Elf is the *appearance *of unpredictability, when in fact, you actually have a game plan. A lot of stuff that looks random when done by top players is anything but (that said, there are more reactive/instinctive players - but I have a feeling they are planners too, they just know longer patterns). The idea is to bait them out of their comfort zone by setting up what appear to be juicy combo opportunities - then you strike like the badass luchadore you know you are.