How do i use one configuration for "buttons" on all games for nfba?

its kinna a hassle changing buttons for 1000 + games…


I thought about this too. It probably has something to do with those three boxes on the bottom of the key configuration window but I really couldn’t figure it out.

I forget which menu it is but there is an option thats says something like save input mapping now. Set your config. then select that option and you should be all set.

yea that didnt work for me…when i change to another game…the buttons went back to default :wtf:

put an ini on the config\preset folder
it should show up on your Use Preset list in input set dialog

what should i name the ini file to ? and what should i put in the ini file when i open it with txt?

rocket science…

yea … i put the ini file in the config/presets/ and edited it …and it didnt work either

heres the first 4 lines of my ini file…when i start another game…it went back to default…

// — Inputs -----------------------------------------------------------------

input “P1 Coin” switch 0x4087
input “P1 Start” switch 0x4087
input “P1 Up” switch 0x4012
input “P1 Down” switch 0x4013
input “P1 Left” switch 0x4010