How do I use Virtual Audio Cables (VAC) with a usb microphone and capture card?

In a nutshell, here is my tech problem.

I want to stream and record my ssf4 experience from one computer. I want it to include live commentary (no post production stuff).

I do not have an audio mixer.

My xbox cables go to a splitter, which sends a feed to my TV and another feed to my dazzle capture card.

The capture card plugs into the computer. I also have a USB mic used for the commentary.

The problem is, when I use windows movie maker (since sony vegas doesn’t recognize the dazzle) i can only recognize one source of audio (either the mic or the capture card).

I’ve read that VAC (virtual audio cables) somehow integrates the two audio sources into one stream but I’m a pretty retarded guy and not very savvy on this.

Can someone walk me through or link me a tutorial on how I would be able to get this one audio input, and put that into my stream?

Thanks in advance.


maybe i answered my own question. sigh