How do I view replays on the PC version


I’ve had a chance to upload two championship matches. But I have no idea how to view or download them. Does anyone know? (PC version)


The same way as any other version.

Once you upload a replay, your last replay is deleted. Go to games for windows live battle. Go to leaderboards. Go to replays / you or friends. watch your replay. Save your replay. Once you save it, it is in the gallery part of the option menu under replays.


You do not need to watch your replay to save it, begin watching it, I believe you can pause it once it says “fight” and you have the option to save it from there and quit out. But most likely you’ll end up watching the match anyway so you can gloat about how badly you pwn’d that n00b with your 1337 skillz



aww so my old ones are gone? … bah =(


yeah well at least now u know to save em