How do I wire a multi-button function?

What I’m trying to do is wire the Home function to work when Start and Select are depressed simultaneously.

A brief explanation; I’m building a stick with a PS1 pad so that I can use the many available adapters for use on other consoles. I decided to try out my PS2->PS3 adapter with the PS1 pad, and was completely shocked to find that the Analog button works as a Home button on PS3! This was a total surprise and my case, which is nearly finished, only has holes for Start and Select.

And that’s where I request the help of SRK. I assume it’s not as simple as soldering both wires to the same spot on the PCB, and I’m sure someone here knows how to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the response! Looks like this is out of my league…

I guess I’ll probably just wire the Analog button and maybe wire Select but leave it inside the box, just in case.


It really shouldn’t be out of your league if you’re building a stick! Using a 74ACT32 logic gate, this is all you need to do

Only instead of going to guide of 360, just the analog of the PS1 pad. Essentially, all you do is solder two wires to two pins, and then a third wire from one pin to the analog. Of course you have to solder ground and VCC lines, but this is also easy.

ok, this makes sense. and looking at that diagram a second time, it’s actually pretty simple. thanks for the motivation, Nerrage. i’m gonna try this shit.