How do I wire my CHiMP board in my 360 te to act as a standalone ps3 joystick?

I ruined my a button terminal on my 360 pcb while soldering to it. when i started it up on the 360 everything but the a button worked. when i tried it on ps3 i got an unknown usb device attached error. So can i use the chimp as a standalone pcb for ps3 and pc? I have wired up the buttons using the ribbon connectors to the chimp , the usb is wired to the chimp, the home button is wired to the chimp from the ribbon . And now when i turn on the ps3 and attach the usb cable i don’t even get the error anymore or any activity at all??

what am i doing wrong? does the chimp need a specific wiring to be used stand alone??


If the Chimp is functioning properly it shouldn’t give the Unknown USB Device Attached error. And it shouldn’t need specific wiring to be used stand alone.
What I’d do to troubleshoot it is if you have the assembled Chimp, just use the USB B Jack and directly connect it to a PC without connecting anything else(desolder all the connections going from the 360 PCB to Chimp). If Chimp is working properly… it should come up as a recognized device and you should also be able to see the device properly. If that is not the case, the board might have a short, and you might want to check out Toodle’s troubleshooting thread.