How do I ?

I can never seem to do this move and I always see people doing it on videos.

Down + HP, EX headbutt, MP metallic sphere, crush

The crush never hits what am i doing wrong ?

According to the standard juggle rules, you can’t hit them with anything after the sphere. But there are exceptions, like hitting them before the hitstun of the sphere is finished, like sphere xx aegis (aegis cancels most of the recovery), then one more quick move. But a tackle will not work.

Wouldn’t mind knowing what video(s) you’re talking about.

I’ll post them as soon as i find them again :smiley:

Also I was wondering how to

Down + HP, crush, Mp metallic sphere, crush

The only thing i never get right is hitting them with the sphere then a crush

He does it on Necro like 50 seconds in

Well that combo is character specific. Make sure it’s LK tackle first, and practice doing each hit as early as possible, since that makes subsequent hits easier. Also works on Chun and Makoto (hard on her though). On Q you can do an even better one.

The corner unblockable thread has some good info, even if it’s not perfect.

Ah right thanks a lot.
That thread is a bit hard to understand lol

I don’t think it’s possible

cr. HP must only do one hit. (no juggle)

That works! But my reflexes would usually do a standing strong xx to ex head-butt
(doesn’t work on every character)

ah right that’s how lol.

You mean something like this?