how do I.....?

get out of dhalsim’s sliding LK noogie throw trap??? I have such a beastly time with it…is it hopeless once you get caught in it? I main vega, so I’m not sure if I can reverse the trap either. any help would be greatly appreciated.

(1) Before everyone else yells it at you, there’s a Vega thread for this sort of question and…
(2) The best way not to get trapped by it is to not get caught in it in the first place - you’ve got the speed and tricks to never get cornered by Sim.

Also, reversal timing on your 3K or 3P backflips will help enormously, or a reversal throw.

Charge down-back while he’s sliding, then perform the flipkicks. I think that’ll work. If not, just mash throw.

Did you read the stickied article that says, “New to the forum? START HERE!”? If you’re new to a forum and you see a thread that applies to you, the best thing you can do for yourself is read it.

Trust me. Read it. By the way, Vega is one of Dhalsim’s worst people to fight against, so you should have an easy time of beating him. Read the Vega and Dhalsim threads for more information. The Dhalsim thread is lamenting how badly he loses to Claw right now! :slight_smile:

not trying to be rude and also being “new” here, but I’ve been trying to find any readings about sim for over an hour now about how to get out of that trap all over google. I mean, I’ve heard of this site, and considering I’ve played all street fighters pretty well, you would think I’d have starting posting here a long time ago. so I did look through vega’s thread, didn’t really see anything specific about that trap. but anyways, yeah I know all about being “new” in forums and getting the old " read this sticky" but I figured, it would simple enough to answer. but so far, I don’t see anything that offers real hope, other than “don’t get caught in it”. lol

You know we should ask the mods to sticky all of the relevant character threads. I mean we get surprised when someone doesn’t read the new to the forum thread, but as a fact the ken thread has dropped to like the 2nd or 3rd page.

SFIV has full blown character areas, the least we could do is sticky the main character threads at the top.

I don’t like the search either, cuz I always get sfiv pages in there too.

But that’s the thing, though. Look at all of the speed Claw has versus how little speed Dhalsim has. Not getting caught is pretty much why Dhalsim has such a hard time with Claw.

That being said, when it comes to any throw setup. If you can’t counter-throw, then your only reliable solution is a reversal special move with invincibility. In Claw’s case, that’s the Scarlet Terror (a.k.a. Flip Kick).

I hope this answers your question. For more information, ask for specifics in the Claw thread.

But…seriously…Claw has so much speed and ability to get around Dhalsim’s attacks that throw loops should not be a problem for you.

Not if you search within that character’s thread.

That was my point, some of the character threads have sunk to other pages. They aren’t being seen immediately at the top.

Well…yeah…you have a point there. :slight_smile: As long as they don’t become character specific sub-forums like the SF4 forum because then it becomes harder to sort through, IMHO.

Why isn’t the HDR section set up like the 3S or SFIV? Where each character has his or her own section and then a general section? At this point it seems like there would only be one to three threads for each character, but it would be a lot easier to find stuff and discuss character specific issues.

ha ha. Sounds like the dumbest no brainer advice right? At least that’s what I thought when I first started HDR. But it’s actually the best advice not only for dealing with tick throws, but for playing 2D fighting games in general. Unfortunately controlling space/zoning is one of the more abstract and harder concepts to really learn in a fighting game. The best thing to do at this moment is to learn what your good normals (Vega’s specials seem pretty straight forward, I could be wrong, though) and what they’re used for. Do not discouraged if you don’t see a dramatic change in your gameplay. It’ll take some time not only to adjust, but experiment with different situations to see what works. You’ll have to play a lot to really run the gamut of possibilities. In fact I’ve gone several rounds where I expect to lose only because I’ve decided to focus on using one specific move. As you play you’ll get a better idea of what works in what situation and at that point you’ll start seeing yourself do better.

yeah, zoning would really work. its just the one time I get caught in the noogie trap, and I’m sitting there, controller in hand, going…“well this is fun”. So from what I gather, it seems you can counter with scarlet terror? in 1 frame? seems impossible to do

Seems impossible…but it’s not. You get to do the move one frame before he can grab you again. It’s called a reversal special move…and if your throw range is shorter than Dhalsim’s, it’s your only hope for not taking damage.

You can talk yourself into defeat if you want to, but you’ve been given everything you need to counter that situation. Claw and Chun Li are the fastest characters in the game. Claw has one of the quickest jumps in the game. Claw’s Wall Dive shenanigans are still hard for Dhalsim to counter. Use what you’ve been given to avoid it in the first place. However, if, by some miracle, you find Dhalsim close enough to start the Noogie trap, :hk: Scarlet Terror twice for three hits and start playing keep-away again.

For more information…ask questions in the Claw thread.

^^^Yeah, I like to think the Claw players are a friendly bunch :smile:

Another trick is to play for a few hours/days/whatever without your special moves at all. Get a feel for the frankly ridiculous strength/speed/reach of some of your normals with Claw. I’m looking at cr.MP, st.FP, st.MK, jm.FP, cr.FK in particular. Even without your wall dive shenanigans you should be able to put a great deal of people in a world of hurt with your normals.