How do ou get more hits out of the drill

I saw this in themike z match vids , he was able to make the drill do a lot more hit and a lot more chip damage

how is this done ? do you just mash like mad or something ?

as in tapping it fast ?

Now that I remember, he was actually chipping not hitting.

You should probably pm him about it… I’d like to know myself.

I e-mailed mike z and he said that all he do is qcf+smash lk or hk

I guess I just need to tap that button like a mad man then

Lol… Dope. I guess I’ll go try it then.

Mash like hell… :lol:

He gets around +20hits with a HK drill.

Just crazy…

Well, I do it by just tapping the button I used for the drill, since that’s easiest and if you can tap fast that will get you the most hits. (Drill motion becomes QCT+start tapping a Kick button.) However, you can get 16 or 18 by traditionally mashing all the buttons, although it’s incredibly harder to combo to a LR that way since you have to stop spazzing first.

  • From my childhood - Caveman Games for NES will teach you how to mash the right way - if you can beat that, especially the Dino Race, you can get 21+ every time, and it’ll be controlled mashing. :^) Alternately, just pretend like your arm is cold.

It might seem like a lot of work, but once you get used to it the benefits are amazing. Consider:

  • A fully mashed RH drill becomes a trap with Doom-B. Anything less than 19 hits will NOT combo with Doom if you called him at the start of the drill. Also, Jab->Strong, Doom+fully-mashed RH drill, cancel to Lunch Rush works midstage (71 hits, 75-80% dmg). A fully-mashed Short drill becomes a trap with Spiral-A in corner, and a half-mashed RH drill is a trap midstage. Corner drill+doom, drill fully mashed can easily do 50% chip.
  • Since the air drill has such fast recovery, if you are superjumping you can actually do multiple blocked drills on opponents with slowish air normals (Sent comes to mind), and 3 drills is easily over 50% damage. Also extra chip everywhere, including off guardbreak. 25 hits a drill kills in 6 blocked drills…
  • If you can always mash, this gives you the ability to vary the number of hits you do if they block (or you are doing a GB). This way you can recover sooner and possibly avoid the counterattack attempt. Plus pulling out random KK in the middle of a drill can usually get people to not superjump if they are used to reacting at the end.
    And let’s not forget throwing after one in an aircombo, or any of the actual advanced stuff you can do with tigerknee RH drills…

Here’s to all you people whose Tron actually gets to be on point while another character is also alive. :^)
Mike Z

haha caveman games… man those were some good times

ff8 will also heighten controlled mashing skills… at the expense of a controller(I’ve gone through two…lol)

try to get boost to 200 w/ the earlier gfs

and I’m gunna try out caveman just cuz i’ve heard so mcuh about it