How do pad players hold the controller?

I noticed during a few Evo videos that they mentioned some tournament players use a pad (like Vangief IIRC). I was wondering what controllers they use (I assume the PS3 DualShock or MadCatz fightpad) and how they hold it. My best guess is that they set the pad on their right thigh and map the L1 and L2 buttons to be H. punch and H. Kick respectively.

Here’s a video of BP Amoco and Wolfkrone. Both are pad players. BP uses a 360 controller modded to work on ps3. Wolfkrone uses a PS3 controller. They both were at EVO. Video from MWC. [media=youtube]voHtH_SEz2U[/media]

Hold it how it’s comfortable for you… Copying a pro isn’t going to make you a pro…

And everyone holds it one of two ways as there are really only 2 worthwhile ways to hold it. Either normal or claw grip, normal is exactly what you would think it is, and claw grip is flipping your right hand over and using your index and middle finger to hit the buttons.

Normal is the only grip which works for SF, because you need quick access to all 3 of your punches/kicks, and on pad you need the 3P/3K binds to be effective, meaning you need access to all triggers/bumpers and buttons. Claw is the grip used by a decent number of Tekken pad players cause they only need 4 buttons.

Claw is also the way to go for Halo and other non-Call of Duty esq FPS

Here’s another question: Do they allow you to map 3 punches or kicks to one button at tournaments? I’m almost certain that’d be a no, but I wanted to be sure.

hands imo

Yo here’s 1 i did awhile ago explaining very briefly how i hold the pad . YouTube - nbeope’s Channel

Yes they do. Anything that can be done through the button config menu is allowed.

Wow, that’s cool. Thanks for the feedback everyone.