How do people fly with a PS3, an ASUS monitor, a fight stick, and clothes?


I’m looking at 2 checked bags and a checked box for the ASUS monitor right now, but that can’t be right, right? How do people do this??


One VERY large suitcase for the monitor+PS3 and possibly your stick. Another bag for your clothes and toiletries.


Console in a checked bag with clothes, arcade stick in a carry-on. The monitor you probably could’ve shipped for a little cheaper than the cost of a checked package, but you’d still have to pay.


Do people transport monitors in the original box or just wrap them in bubble wrap or something?


Take the base off the monitor so it’s flatter, wrap the screen in something soft for safety in handling (bubble wrap is good here, but you can probably use shirts if you want), put that in a large suitcase between layers of clothes, and then pack the PS3 + more clothes on top of it, making sure that it’s lined up so they can’t damage each other. Toiletries and anything else that could potentially damage your monitor / console go in a separate small bag inside the larger suitcase (obv.). Take your stick in your carry-on, and don’t forget a screwdriver (or hex key) in case they want to see inside after it goes through the xray machine.


i dunnnno but their arms sure must hurt


For starters, look up the size limitations on baggage for the airline you’re traveling on and pick up a suitcase at or near the max limit.


I’m pretty sure the guys in Tech Talk can teach you how to disassemble those things and build your own flying machine out of the components.


use 2 suitcases 1 for the ps3 and monitor and 1 for clothes and use towels to protect the ps3 and monitor. Thats how i pack my ps3 when ever i go somewhere.


got one suitcase hard shell for myself and my girlfriend. packed enough clothes for a week here. my girlfriends asian so has magic packing abilities.


Awesome, thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for and pretty much exactly what I ended up doing. I wrapped my PS3 and monitor in bubble wrap and surrounded them with clothes. Watching the airport dude throw my bags on the conveyor belt made me cringe, but everything made it in good condition and nothing was damaged. I did not think about the hex key for the TE stick, but ended up not needing it because I put it in my checked luggage.

Thanks for the advice!!! =:)


LOL! It took me a second, but I see what you did there! =:D


Thanks for the advice, everyone! I got here with everything intact and working, so I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS!!!


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