How do people make it lag ONLY when they do uppercuts?


I fought Ken’s and Sagats that only lag when they do uppercuts (and I am crossing them up) and it messes up my timing on a few clutch moments. I swear they are doing something. The rest of the match is basically lagless. Maybe I am imagining things?




Turbo! :rofl:


Nice try jamie.
We don’t teach ggpo rookies our secrets of the lag switch.


Those are big accusations. We don’t tolerate cheating in the GGPO community. Who are these people that you are playing that can do this? What are their screen names? Violators are usually IP banned from the community, and publicly denounced.

Anyways, the next time you notice this, you can easily counter their cheating tactics by activating the turbos on all your buttons. Most joysticks on the market these days have that function built in. Just hold that button down and you can rest easy knowing that the next time they try to lag you out, your commands are sure to go through without fail.


LOL. Those are just moves with good priority, so they are likely to beat other moves, thus generating a more noticeable rollback. The fact that they always knock down may also give a notion that they change the flow of the match dramatically.


I heard about the lag switches, but don’t really know how/when they are applied in a given match. I don’t want to point out names, as I have scant evidence if any. Maybe it’s just random luck, but it was noticeable with two people I played in the last week who had under 200 ms. My uppercuts never lagged, but theirs rolled back quite a few times…


this thread is useless without dropping names.


Paper was found using this switch recently. We feel it gives him no real advantage, but the discussion is still going on. Not sure about turbo, though. I mean, on the chair: he could just hold his finger right on top of the buttons and get pretty high rates!




The really strange part is, that isn’t some random stock photo, that is the EXACT unit i’m using. The picture taken from my house. What gives?


If you block Ken’s super and attempt to walk up and throw him it seems like you’ll often get a rollback. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but I’m thinking that it might have something to do with the 50/50 chance of getting the throw if you both input the throw command on the same frame.


I think it has to do with Danger’s device.



We have discussed this recently in this section. The thing is actually very simple: SF2 and basically every other videogame has a delay between you pressing a button and something happening on the screen. This delay is 3 frames, which means what you input happens 4 frames later (happening the very next frame would mean zero delay). Ken’s super and his Shoryukens have a ground recovery of 3 frames, too. So, if you press the button as soon as he lands on your screen, because the action will only happen 4 frames later, Ken will have recovered. Thus, you have to press the button just before the actually lands in order to throw him. If you do so, it will be impossible for him to do anything but soften your throw.


I bet you know ALL ABOUT danger’s device. :tup:


You know I know because you asked to borrow it and told me not to clean it cus you like it when it smells funky.



@pasky, I’m not judging.


Don’t make fun on this thread.

I had the same experience with a guy about a year ago, he was a sim player, everytime i tried a reversal or sometimes i knew he will super or yoga fire or yoga flame, the game lagged for a second or even the half of a second, when i attempted to reverse somekind of frameskipping saved him or even he punished me with a hit … at first sight i thought it was a connection issue, but damn, 5 matches in a row and the same thing happening only in certain situations :S

I said to the mofo:

“Man, what the fuck?, what do i have to do to get rid of that weird lag everytime i have the advantage?”

And yes i don’t have the name of that mofo, after 5 or 6 matches, i just said ggs and that was all.

At least now i know that it was not my imagination :S and another guy experienced a similar situation.


are you sure you don’t remember the name of that son of a bitch?, i’m almost sure he is the same sim player, what an asshole.