How do people play with joysticks in their laps?

Alright, first off, I’m spoiled. I have an arcade about 5 mins walk away from me. Versus City cabinets too.

But anyways, practicing 3s combos on PS2 is just hard as fuck for me. The joystick & buttons just feel so much less sensitive, and it always feels like there’s input lag (Even though I know there shouldn’t be). Not to mention that when I do some moves, the joystick physically moves around, so the next motion is less precise. Goodbye qcfx2. Hello garbage.

So yeah. How the fuck do you people manage to play with a joystick in your lap??

Oh yeah, and if you’re going to say it’s my stick, I replaced the buttons with Sanwas, and the joystick is the stock SC2 Hori.

Damn you are having trouble with a jap stick on your lap? My friend plays with a hard spring 360 mas on his lap. I cant fuck with that lol. I got myself a nice table and some rubber grips.


i dunno, some of those little Hori sticks are just way too small and light

I use my hori stick on my lap (I use it to play on kaillera) and since the keyboards infront of me on the desk there isnt any room for the stick, so i just hold the stick in my lap and ive gotten use to it.

You may be moving the stick around too much. My friends have or had the same problem when they’d use my sticks, but once they realized that they don’t have to jerk it around like crazy to get it to work, their execution improved dramatically.

Just one possibility.

It would make me feel funny- :shy: I wouldn’t do it-

Same. I been thinkin’ of switchin it out for Sanwa parts, but I’m too lazy for all that.

For me, it was hard at first to play with the stick in my lap, but you get used to it, and after a while you barely even notice that the stick is in your lap.

I had the same problem coming from arcade to putting my stick in my lap, the problem always is QCF X 2, mainly the GJ yun cancel which is easy as hell in arcade, and was impossible in my lap.

I think it’s because the arcade cabinet has enough weight so you can muscle the corners more, you can’t really do that with a stick at home in your lap or the damn thing shifts all over the place.

It was either get a table and some rubber feet, or change my joystick style completly. It’s easy when it’s on a table with something to hold it still, and it’s becoming less of a pain in the ass when it’s in my lap, I’m probably going to just make the shit heavy as hell so it doesn’t shift as much. Like I said, the only movement problem I had was (Yun) chain XX GJ.

Personally I feel little difference between the two. When I have my SC2Hori in my lap my arms rest on the sides and it doesn’t move at all. If anything playing on your lap is more about control, you can’t just jerk the stick around to do a move. It is good to learn to play this way, teaches you to be more calm and makes your executions tighter.

I don’t.

I use a small table on wheels thing to put my joystick on. My friend seems to prefer to keep it on his lap. I don’t know how the fuck he does it.

I dont put the stick on my lap because it moves too much. I put the stick in front of me and play on my knees.

sheer laziness. I’m just too lazy to clear the table now for my scII hori. I still play better when it’s planted on the table but hey, practice makes perfect.

I usually use my knees to hold the stick in place if it was in my lap. Otherwise, I’d use a chair, or if I felt like standing up, I use a chair and a couple of laundry baskets.

I use my HRAP on my laps, I actually got really used to it, and do alot better than just putting it on the floor or table.

I always play with mine on my lap(HRAP). Since there aren’t really any arcades close enough for me to play at I wasn’t used to doing it any other way. I usually just try to keep it on my knees and I’m all right, though I definitely would like to have a table with some grips to put it on.

Yeah same here, except I have a VS City in my garage downstairs. I have no idea how people can play with an arcade stick on their lap…tried it before and it made everything twice as hard to do.

I can’t play with my stick on my lap…I just sit on the floor and put it down infront of me. It works fairly well…

I can’t sit on the floor at all. When I first got my MAS, I was like “Damn this is weird” and I had to change from putting it on the floor to my lap. Eventually the lap just grew on me.