How do stream/tournament setups record while using VGA?


So basically around here we are trying to get our tournament finals recorded. This is on Xbox 360 btw.
We use my monitor which is the ASUS VH238H (less than 1 frame of lag according to the sub 1 frame thread) and I usually use it with VGA. From what I’ve heard over the years VGA causes less lag than HDMI cause of post-processing or something of the like.

At our last tournament, we had an Avermedia Capture Card recording on my setup. It only worked through HDMI, so we had to use that and it felt laggy for me. I had been practicing so long on VGA, when we switched to HDMI I couldn’t hit my Sakura combos in AE that I was so comfortable with.

Now I don’t know if this was just tournament nerves or not, but should it be laggier or was it just in my head?

Just to be consistent with US majors and the like, should I just try to adjust with playing on HDMI and should we stick to it like this or is there another option so we can keep using VGA?


Its next to impossible to record VGA, there is equipment but its not cheap or easy to find.
You are better off with Component video (YPBPR) or HDMI.

There are HDMI monitors that have a sub 1 frame of lag
[The New HDTV Lag FAQ](The New Definitive HDTV Lag FAQ