How do team tournaments work?

I tried searching for the answer in the forums and I can’t find the answer to that
I see 3 vs 3 tournaments and I was just wondering how it works

Is it like Capcom Vs SNK 2 or something where each of you have one character and play till you lose?
Like the team is A, B, C and team X,Y,Z

if A beats all XYZ does that count as the win?
or is it like A vs X, B vs Y, C vs Z?

My question is probably noob and I might not be asking right

It depends on the tournament, but yeah, most are run the same way CvS2 handles it aka pokemon style

I don’t believe there’s a “standard”. I mean, there isn’t even a worldwide standard for rules for singles tourneys.

In my experience, 3v3 or more are usually play until you lose, while 2v2 are more likely to use the a-cho system & give everyone at least one game every matchup. Whether or not you’re allowed to have multiples of the same character is also dependent on the specific tourney. If you look at Evo 2009, 3s 2v2 was a-cho while the SFIV regional 5v5 was elimination.