How do the costume packs work?

Hey, guys. I’m thinking about getting the alternate costumes pack, but first I wanna figure out exactly how they work. So, this is what I wanna know:

  • Super SF4 has 3 packs. Each character has their default costume (lets call it #1) and, for Street Fighter IV, costume packs were released with costume #2 (shirtless Ryu, for example)

  • Then there’s pack 2, with costume #3 for most characters (hakama Ryu), and costume #2 for the new characters (high-school Ibuki, for example)

  • Finally, pack 3 brings costume #4 (bandana Ryu) or costume #3 for the new chars (denin pants Ibuki)

So here’s my doubt: what exactly comes in a costume pack? If I buy the Ultra Costume Pack, for example (the one that gives bandana Ryu and denin pants Ibuki), will I be able to select shirtless Ryu too? Do the new packs contain old costumes as well?

Or is everything separated? Like, if I wanna get Ryu’s #2 and Ibuki’s #3 I need to buy both the first costume pack, and the last?

I hope I made myself clear about that. Can you guys help me?

Fucking costume packs, how do they work?

No you won’t get shirtless Ryu because that’s in his Vanilla SF4 costume pack which you have to buy seperately.

So if you buy Ryu’s third alt (the samurai one or whatever):
You get the third alt (for characters from vanilla sf4) for the characters listed but if they are new you get their second alt. So one costume per character in the pack.

I don’t even know what if that made sense, but what I mean is that you get one costume for every character that is in that costume pack.

normally if they have like an “ultimate pack” it is a mix of all the other packs and sometimes a few new costumes. normally the description will tell you whats in it like “this pack contains pack X, Pack y, pack z, and blah new costumes.” also try googling it to see what comes up for that pack.

So if I have only SSF4 then the SF4 costume packs don’t show up in it unless I’ll also have a save from that game?

no, you don’t need a save, just buy the sf4 pack.

sf4 only gets you colors 11 and 12

I just bought a costume pack.

You only get the costumes that are only listed in that pack.

And also, apparently other users cannot even see the costume you’ve bought unless they’ve bought that pack. (my friends online said they could not see the newest Adon costume).

Grinds my gears, $5 for something only you can see lol.

I think you can buy this catalog pack which shows the characters to you. Or you can spend like 15-20 dollars on getting all packs for like 1400 MSP.

This is this only true of the latest costume packs on the ps3 because those were not included on the disc. All the previous costume packs will appear because they are part of the game disc data.

I think this is still the case - the latest aren’t on the disc and you get a message if you haven’t bought them - on PS3 that is. What makes it infinitely worse is that on 360 you can download (for free) the costume pack so you can see all the new costumes but cannot select them until you buy them (did it on my gf’s 360, I’m on PS3 and as of last night I couldn’t see a similiar download).

For some reason PS3 users are getting shafted here - I suppose as the console costs more they just figure ‘f*** them, they have plenty of money to shell out.’


1ea for each character/pack.