How do trades work?


I know paying with paypal you can send payment for goods and be protected but what’s to stop someone from trading to receive the item and not send anything in return?


Trade Face to face. Local only.


I’d have to agree with both, however I did do a trade with bkfst_sausage where there was money involved, so it wasn’t just a “hey give me your stuff & maybe I’ll send stuff back to you” situation. So it really all depends who you deal with.


I thought it was a good trade too…
$5+ two balltops for 2 games.

I’m working on another trade right now with @kasprfoto and waiting for him to get back to me. I sent his Highbox out, waiting on his buttons to be shipped.

It involves a level of trusting the person you’re dealing with.


I’ve done quite a few trades. It’s all trust and communication is key. I try to get to know the person on a level other than some dude on a forum.