How do u cancel standing short into short tiger knee?


I need to know this, I am trying to learn to play Sagat, but this safe tiger knee block string is so important, I have been trying to do this since vanilla SFIV, but never learned it, now they made his standing short 2 hits, but the first hit is still special cancelable and the range is still pretty good, it’s just really hard to do canceling a standing normal into a DP motion move without holding foward already, especially canceling a light move, pleas help, thanks!!!

There’s tricks to make it easier, but you really should be able to cancel a stand jab/short into a srk, especially if you’re planning on playing sagat/any shoto. Just be quick with the SRK motion, it’s for your own good.

I see a lot of otherwise good players absolutely unable to punish a jumpin they didn’t predict and it pisses me off.

Wait, I thought they took out his ability to cancel st. short in Super?

First hit is cancelable, like n.sagat etc.

What are the tricks?

I think the first hit is only cancelable when the second hit is in range. It is still possible to cancel to TK, but it requires a much closer distance than before, when you could cancel despite the move hitting from any distance.

You can’t do it like in that video anymore.

You have to be much much much much closer in order to do it.

Never knew it was still possible. Does it still put you at a good distance when blocked?

No. That is vanilla sf4. cancel into tk is not safe anymore, because if you’re at the distance where you can actually cancel it now, it’s unsafe to use a tk.

Practice learning something like xx tk, something you can still use to keep pressure.

I guess it wouldn’t really have been a nerf if it was still safe. Then again, the nerf was probably because of the standing short to tiger :confused:

w/e It’s a dumb nerf IMO xx TS use to rape…