How do u get better at a ground game


like how do u train to get better at that aspect of that game ?

also i need to online can anybody help me my cfn is Beast_Mode552.


Stay grounded.


Learn what u gd normals u have and there frame data. Also make sure u can anti air.


Gotta get that poke and footsie game up my G


Play 100 matches online with out jumping


i’ve tried very hard to “footsie poke” by gauging the distance between the foot of the opponent and me. Recently discovered that it is hard to do given the differences across all the hit boxes for the various chars. I ended up whiffing many times and as a result, suffered from tons of whiff punishes and loses.

I’ve now corrected that and am using the head (center of equilibrium) of the oppo to gauge distance instead. I find it much more effective and am now whiffing pokes much lesser.

obviously, training mode is where you want to be practicing footsies for improved accuracy…


Like what Art said, stay grounded and try to get into your optimal spacing whether that is close, mid, or long range so you can enact your gameplan (getting in range for command grab, pressure, zoning, whatever your character of choice is good at). Whiff punishing is a good chunk of your ground game along with learning how to space your pokes and anti airing. Ground game is sort of a hard thing to teach so let us give you a resource or two to learn from!
This is the footsies handbook. For you I’d say focus on learning the first chapter along with learning to poke your opponent and anti airing them.
Everyone links juicebox’s version of explaining whiff punishing but personally I learned from this one better.
Here’s Juicebox’s version if you want to watch it also!


is dashing footsies.


Nah, dashing is feetsies, the cousin of footsies.


The same way I got better at the ground game:
Force yourself to play it. When you lose you will know what you did wrong. Why? Because you didn’t jump like Sonic The fuckin Hedgehog on amphetamines it’ll be easier to see why you lost. At first the matches will seem a lot slower (unless you play a character with breakneck walkspeeds like Vega, Cammy, V-Trigger Necalli and Chun-Li) but once you get comfortable you will find yourself jumping a lot less.

You will still jump and neutral jump quite a bit because that’s the nature of the game, but forcing yourself to stay on the ground and learn footsies is a great step to improving at the game.


Seriously, just focus on juicebox’s video that TKD posted. I learned just about everything I know about footsies from it. That should be more than enough guidance, the hard work comes from practice and experimenting.

At some point you will realize that footsies are just critical thinking, you’re trying to figure out what your opponent wants to do so you can react better.

TBH, don’t worry about Maj’s footsies handbook after the first few chapters. Everything after them is information overload and is really just an extension of the more important basics covered in the beginning, you will intuitively reach those more advanced concepts on your own.


It is a part of footsies. Once you dash in and they dont pop you for it you can mix up a throw, overhead, low attack, netural jump, hold back and block ect.


Just jumpin when you think you should not, free 300 damage at the risk of only taking 60 dmg. ah good games