How do u give Reputation in SRK?

What does the Reputation do SRK??? How do u get Reputation??? How do u give Reputation??? What is the purpose of it??? I do not know??? Can someone tell me??? 0_0

once you buy premium you are welcome to the world of reputation. other than that nobody knows because we have to keep it a secret. go spend your money now!

The F in FAQ is for friend.

AQ is antique quality.

Linked it for you…now read on.
Knowing is 1/2 the battle.


Ill neg you to show you how it works.

Relax, jk.

in other words it serves no purpose.

This is where you are wrong. Especially from a sellers/buyers perspective in the Trading Outlet.

No… thats what the whole section of Buyer/Seller feedback is for.

I agree with him… rep serves no real purpose. In fact, it may actually be a negative thing, because when people usually get neg rep they complain about it by posting up that they got neg repped from someone IN A THREAD!.. which usually results in an argument. There was one dude who not to long ago started a whole thread just because he got negged (though because the comment was discriminating him due to his sexual orientation). When I was prem last month every single person I neg repped brought it up in a thread… sometimes being mad but mostly trying to laugh it off… especially with this smiley: :rofl:
And + rep doesn’t mean jack. In the premium forums theres a section just for + rep whoring… lol, and some mods/admin have full rep bars + fruit symbols that they just added to their account cause they felt like it.

Rep serves no real purpose.

Forums gotta have premium subscriptions to make some $$ and thus they are usually obligated to give perks for their premiums members. Pretty standard- rep is just one of the additions SRK gave premium members.


Only thing rep does is make one’s ego bigger, and if you have neg rep it doesn’t allow you to use the Arcade.

I hate random -rep… Now I can’t play arcade and bother selling my SF dvd’s for half the price…

Does buying a premium include a bigger inbox? The 70 message limit on private messages is pretty frustrating.

Hrm, all it says is
"Premium membership on This will enable perks such as seeing your post count, a cool premium banner, use of attachments, a personal forum, no ads, bigger avatar, premium only skins, and use of the reputation system."

But I have a 250 limit on PMs.

250 limit is a helluvalot better but shit still stays ful with peoples questions about LEDmods padhacking etc etc

Maybe if you use more question marks???