How do u just dash in a grab

i play wit MSP and i kno had to do almost everything in the book…but this puzzles me…or how do you dash n lk then throw…do you have to reset the stick in neutral wat…


Well ok this is how it goes

if you wanna do a dash in lk, Pause throw, make sure you are A) close enough for the throw, and B) the Other character is out of block stun.

Some characters have alot of blocking frames( CABLE!!!) so tick throw isn’t really that great in this game with characters like mag where you can see it comming. What you can do is after throwing them a few, when they pick up on you doing tick throw, do tick, pause assist. This will cause them to flinch, and most likely mess up the block.

With Mag, most of the time you will just str8 up throw them, like cause a Fight screen(after xx Magnetic Cockwave), screen shifts, they wake up, and you can do a jump, wiff Tri jump ( dash down/forward hp, make sure the hp doesn’t hit) then as soon as you land, grab.

Grabbing is really good with mag in the corner, but with Assists you can really get some nice results mid screen like Storm- A, Sentinel- Y, Doom-B, etc.

also you can do throws to reset the rom in the corner like, sj lk, mk, dash down, d+lk, MP, mk. land, sj throw, the way it works is that extra hits put them up higher, making it so they actually recover before you can combo another lk, because of this the grab will catch them. Messing with the speed, and Number of hits you do with the rom can really lead to easy resets that IMO are worse than 50/50 guessing games.

thanks…what is a whiff i see people type it but never new what it meant…im pretty sure i can already do it but whats a whif…

and i can do the rom in the corner the thrown then reset the rom but if i was just to dash in with mag and grab…i just dash in do i put the stick in neutral…its a lil complicated to me…i grasp everything else but this

well when you dash and try to grab with mag, first cancel the dash by pressing down, then fwd+Hp/hk for the grab.

Whiff refers to when an attack missing, the example i used was doing a hp tri jump with mag fast enough/low enough that the hp animation would end before the hit box would come out, so mag basicly jumps up, and dash back down to the grab to the ground. the whole purpose of the set up is to make it seem like your going to attack, but you don’t. The threat of the attack makes them want to block, but since you Whiffed an attack they can’t(well atleast no as long as if they had been touched by the hp.)

the down fall is that anyone can hold up back or press a button if they think you will do this set up, but then you can 50/50 them by mixing them up by doing a or tri jump lk into whatever if you think they will not block.

another example of Whiff with mag to do a grab reset is, Rom…then sj lk, dash down hp, sj grab.

Vs some characters you might not wanna do the tri jump hp whiff grab set up because if you do the whiff while they get up, they will wake up block if they are a character with alot block frames like Cable(he has 25 frames.) so depending how much time you have to get in there face, you might wanna do a s.lp as the Whiff, then do grab, the lp lasts less so you’ll have an easier time Whiff something in their face while they get up, and then grab.

thanks a;pt i undastand wat u were saying

if you want to dash and grab, wave dash towards them but instead of doing another dash, just toss them

basically, pp, d, pp, d, throw

i do that with sent all the time. shit is gollllden

this is why i never try and do a grab on purpose, if just happen to do an air grab i do HG XX hailstorm or if they are low enough airdash d/f and rom or just do a regular combo if i dont think i can do anything fancy.

but i have noticed, on the ground anyway, that if u dash in so ur touching them and then just dash again and hp or hk it almost always works

i hold forward even if im dashing forward

so its dash until ur touching, then just dash again and hp/hk.

u cant combo into a grab so i dont bother but im sure u can make some sexy resets

thank you alot…

erbody that helped give me info thanks…this is one of my last steps to becomin a pro