How do u know if somebody is delay teching


and how do u beat somebody is who delay teching ?


Do you mean delayed wake up? Delayed grab teching? Something else.

Delayed wake up is easy enough to deal with. They can’t get up with any attack so you are at advantage. You can delay your meaty if you meaty, or set up a cross up/jump in that they have to respect and block/try to block. Depending on game. But its pretty universal. If you are rushing in to attack as soon as you knock them down you will just whiff on a delayed wake up. Slow down a bit. It helps if you know they are going to delay of course.

Delay grab teching, if done the way I do, would be them expecting you to grab, so they slightly miss time a grab, which then comes out as a tech. The easy way to beat that is to delay your grab. Then they tech, which comes out as a grab, and your delayed grab comes out as a tech. Or shimmy. A shimmy will beat out a lot of things, but it beats nothing better than it beats a grab attempt.

If its something else you are talking about, do the thing that counters that other thing that you meant and I misunderstood.


delay grab teching i mean


What I said would work then. Unless you mean in SFV specific the OS delay tech. Where they block and if you attempt a throw it techs the throw. There isn’t anything directly that you can do. But keep in mind if they are doing this you have the upper hand because they can’t wake up with anything. So if they are doing it from time to time you will just have to accept it. If they do it every single time and you know they will keep doing it you can do strings that lead into a command grab. The string will be blocked, but it will delay your command grab long enough that the delay tech wont stop it. Or just step back and use a special move like a fireball or something. It will give them some chip damage if they block it and you can then move in as they stop blocking. It’s not optimal but it is something I often do if I am not wanting to deal with a wake up. Meaty fireball to a jump in. Meaty fireball to a low. Or just step back completely and wait for them. But there is nothing wrong with just laying down frame traps. If they aren’t going to get up without blocking you have the perfect opportunity to trap them. Do a combo that leaves you at frame advantage. And depending on how many frames you have and how fast your buttons are, you could potentially net a second combo on them. getting more chip for them and if they don’t realize you have the advantage they will try and attack and your follow up combo will just smash them.