How do u mash his headcrush?


just mash the buttons like crazy…
I can get 8 hit and don’t even touch the stick while mashing

i can’t seem to get passed 4… is it countermashable???

I was wondering same thing, I can only get maybe 4 hits or more but computer always does about 6-8. I cant figure it out.

Since this is only scarcely addressed in the Juggernaut folder and my one decent answer is in another (general purpose) folder, I will answer this (again).

On point characters, you have to be at least about 1/3 of a screen away to get a mash; further is better (read: easier). You can try to get the necessary spacing with a s. FP or something similar first if they’re right beside you.

On assist characters, you still need the spacing, but things are a little more lenient… it’s not something I can quantify, things just seem that way.

In light of this critical “spacing”, you want to practice cancelling the HC off the counter in as few frames as possible; there will be times where you want to do this because it may yield a mash where a later cancel may not. Other times, the additional ground he covers (you are using Jugg-b, right?) is more valuable. It’s a situational thing.

Anyway, if both point and assist are caught by the headcrush with the proper spacing, you get the benefit of the more lenient (read: assist) mash property. Even if the point regains their block, you can still get >4 hits on the assist.

Sometimes this “assist mash” appears to break the point’s block on the last hit, but it’s not consistent and I’ve never actively tested it with anyone. Theoretically, a blocking point could pushblock a HC-in-progress and possibly save the assist from that last, most damaging hit. This would obviously be rather risky though, and failure would look a lot like this “assist mash point block break” phenomenon I just described (for lack of a better word, forgive me).

And finally, no, I don’t think the HC is counter-mashable.

If you have any questions, I will try to answer them as best I can if nobody else will. Hope this helps.