How do u mash out of Hyper Grav?


i’ve seen the Pros mash out soo fucking good, but i’ve tried my best to do it and it doesn’t work.,

discuss please :o


no offense but fuck that. you start to mash like crazy when you hear him say hyper grav. normally when mags does one the speed makes him say “hyper magnetic” because of the canceling. THAT is when you mash. run your hands over the buttons as fast as possible so you hit them seperatly and alternate constantly. this way you dont hit two buttons at once.

this works for me about 90% of the time. i actualy haven’t had one landed on me in about a month that i haven’t got out of.

there is another method which im trying to figure out, it looks like this:
hands away from stick and buttons; and the whole movement is done in about a second.
one solid movement across all buttons and shake the top of the stick with the bottom of your hand, and move them in reverse back across the buttons and stick and you get out of a grav so fast that it looks like you tech hitted out. i havent got it down yet but ive seen it done.

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yah I was recently playing someone and they did variouos ways to shake out of it (don’t ask why I did so many HyperGravs>Tempest, prolly cuz I had very little life:lol:) one way that he did was he just kept pressing Hp and lp constantly and shaking the joystick side to side, he did it so well that it looked like he wasn’t even mashing. Another way he did was as soon as he heard hyper grav he just moved his hand across the buttons twice and moved the joystick a lot and Shablamathon! he got out of it :bluu: this is just reminding me of the match:bluu:


yeah I really want to learn how to mash out of tempest without really mashing… someone help us!



While at a Portland tourney Ro AC’ed into a hypergrav xx tempest and Trinh mashed 3 times super fuckin quick all relaxed style and got out. I think that it’s just a timing to buttons ratio. I think that he started to mash when Mag says tempest. Then Ro said fuck. Test it out.


It’s more in wiggling the joystick than mashing the buttons. You can “mash” out using one button as long as you wiggle the stick REALLY fast. Just remember to wiggle the stick as much as you mash the buttons.


This is elementary SF2! Remember back in the WW days when you got dizzied? You shake the joystick left and right. It’s the same with Mag’s hyper grab. So to mash out, you just rock the stick back and forth and if you can at the same time mash on the buttons (even tho it doesn’t really do much).

Shake joystick = to get out of a hold
Mash buttons = to do more damage in a beam/grab attack


the way i do it is when the screen turns blue and he says " magnetic " i mash and shake the stick thn when he says " tempest " i escape it. it works 90% of the time if done rite.

hope it helps.


Just wondering, does pressing the assist buttons help at all?


Easy Mash

If you want to do the one wave mash, you have to wait untill you’re actually caught in the hyper grav. Keep in mind that magneto makes some of the tempest clusters before they can hit you, so it looks terrible, but you should escape every time unharmed.


Actually, that’s what I used to do a while ago, mashing WHEN the grav hits and not going by anything else. IMO, it works a lot better.


Uhh the way I do is well basically like saying no just right when he says “magnetic” just quicky cross your hands like your saying no lol.But hey whatever works best for you.


as soon as the grav htis you just shake the stick left to right as fast as possable … remember … the grav HAS to hit your first … it takes some time to get it down but it works and no mashing


there is an article on on how to mash out of a hyper grav and is very detailed…


w0rd it’s all about wiggeling the stick u can mash out by just swiping your hand over the buttons twice, or 3 times.

I mash when the tempest is about to start.


Actually, if you listen to little sound the Hyper Grav makes when it grabs you and start mashing when you hear it you should get out.


If you’re good enough you can mash out of psylocke, low short, low short, hypergrav, cr fierce about 25% of the time. It’s all about timing.


It’s true, I did it once, to my and my opponent’s surprise.


i can’t even imagine how much rocking the joystick and smashing the buttons that would involve…


Its still worth a shot though. A free escape on sometimes is better than nothing.