How do u p-link

im having a hard time trying to p-link can anybody teach me how to p-link help would be appreicated.

Hit a lower priority button exactly 1 frame after a higher priority button. Example: light punch 1 frame after medium punch.

When you get it right in training mode the input display will show the low priority attack next to the high priority attack, with another high priority attack underneath.

The way I learned was to spend some time just hitting the two buttons over and over with one finger slightly higher than the other until I started getting the right input fairly often. Then I tried using it in combos a bit. It took several days of doing these two practice techniques before I could get it to work even 50% of the time in combos.

i tried that that don’t work for me.

It isn’t that easy to do, it takes practice.

do you play on pad on stick?
Generally here is how I practice plink. let say I want to plink HP MP, I go to training mode and turn on inputs, then I press them simultaneously so I have this on screen :hp::mp: now what I do next is to press HP then MP and I get something like this


so what I now do is the close the Gap between pressing HP and MP till I get this

once I get that then I try to reproduce that timing till my muscle memory adapts to it

Training mode, input display on, practice over and over. Obviously going to be a little more difficult with a pad depending on muscle memory you have already developed playing. If you have not developed any bad habits then you should be ok.

If you can’t plink
Chances are, you don’t need it
So don’t worry too much right now.

just press lp the same time you press mp but not at the same time

Can someone help me with plinking shorts ? Im not seeing how some bison players do clk clk clk scissor kick ? Is this a plink ? Can you plink jabs or light kicks ?

You actually can plink shorts. Since kicks have more priority than punches of the same strength, you can plink shorts with jabs. So you use your thumb to press short, and then use your pointer to press jab very quickly right after.

But you cannot plink a jab unless you use the back/select button, which requires you to re-wire your stick.

but you cannot p-link shorts when standing, that’d give you a throw.

I wonder if that works. Never tried plinking a short while standing. The st.short input comes out before the throw input, but I wonder if it outprioritizes it.

In any case, the plink most defnitely works when crouching. I can’t think of any combo where you have to plink a st.short.

Thanks for the help eltrouble !

does anyone know wht the uddate to SRK wont let you post pics anymore ? Im a Pro member even ? lol