How do u parry Ryu's SA2 shin shoruyken?

I have a problem with the timing in trying to parry the first hit. When the animation stops (when the super charges) are supposed tap forward during or after the charge? because there’s like a half second til the punch makes contact. I can’t tell when i should start the parry. Can any help?

Try parrying before the flash. Thats how it works with alot of supers. Also, A good Ryu will link it, so you won’t HAVE a chance to parry and an even better Ryu won’t be using SA2 at all. Except MAYBE against Dudley because of the OTG glitch. MAYBE.

Ruu aka shinshoryuman uses SAII all the time :lovin:

since you will rarely encounter a sa2 ryu in the tournament world i suggest parry training to get the timing right…more than likely they ex the meter

If you have the opportunity to parry shin-shoryuken you are going to win anyway.

Thanx… i’ve been training because my friend in the my area thinks he’s so fucking nice with ryu. He uses the shin shoryuken as a crutch. It be saving his ass most of the time. And as of right now he’s scared to use him because i’ve been training with mokoto. So he only uses akuma (lately i’ve been kickin his ass, because he doesn’t study), so when he uses his ryu again i want to devistate him to the point that he doesn’t want to play me in 3’s anymore.

If you want him to quit playing just have him read here. Your friend is trash if he isn’t confirming that shit. Just block it cause you’ll probably look like a retard trying to parry it.

SA2 is good vs. characters with low defense. Yun builds bar a bit too quickly to use it all the time vs. him but if you play smart you can make it work. I dont think the OTG setup would warrant using it vs. Dudley. EX fireballs give him too much trouble to not use SA1 vs. him.

Oh and yeah…just block ShinSho. No reason to parry it. The timing is too tricky even if you were to parry the first hit (not sure if you can interrupt the second hit). It’s also your ass if you mess up. Most supers in the game you’re better off blocking unless they are going to kill you or you’re like 99 percent sure you can parry it.

But we like more 3s players. :frowning:

Really if he doesn’t cancel it from anything it’s all about ridiculously fast reflexes, parry the first hit as soon as he does the super, during the lightning flash animation. Then wait a second before getting the rest.

Yeh, you’re probably better off blocking it period if he doesn’t link it. If he tries to land it through one of your jump-ins, psy-parry that shit (top forward just before entering range of the first hit anim.) and take his manhood. If you want to demoralize him even more, study his habits and when you feel it coming, tap down to assure the low-parry for the SA animation to parry the first blow, block the chips and follow up.


In my area we have a claims on fighting games, Its three of us who dominate everyone in the area, I’m best in MVC2, He’s best in 3’s and i have another friend whos best in tekken( but thats debatable). My friend been playing 3’s before i decided to get into it so he had a head start. But i noticed that he doesn’t study, his game is based off of raw talent, which is gonna make him lose his title because he doesn’t know all of the capabilities 3’s characters have to offer.

But anyways my skills with mokoto have greatly increased so he’s scared to use ryu against her, because thats his best character, so if i beat ryu he’ll stop talking shit.

I just don’t want him talking shit anymore. for gods sakes man, the guy can’t even touch an arcade pad, so he’s limited to the fucking home system. ( I think i said enough).

There are people thousands times better than you that play pad.

Regardless, if you’re beating him and hes not learning, either teach him to play, don’t play him anymore or just beat him over and over and over without being flashy. Learning to parry Shin Shoryuken is near useless.

Like everyone else is saying, learning to parry Shin Shoryuken is useless. It won’t add to your game because for one thing, it rarely will happen.

If you have Makoto, just keep practicing some dizzy combos. IMO if your really studying and he’s not doing any thing to improve himself, you WILL surpass him.

Thanx guys

thats sounds a lot like me bfore i started to play Q
my suggestion is that you block the first hit and then go for the parry,
.if they see you moving foward a lot they will try to catch you w/ the super you can use this to your advantage
so when you think you are ready to parry move forward as if you were expecting the super and then they will be all like “oh shit nows my chance” then do the super and it works almost like bait for a fish. but make your moves small as if they were parries. i have never actually done this but my friend (who is mad nice) always used to bait me like that and parry my whole super

Just beat him dood. you look 10 times cooler beating him without showing effort then you do actually trying to do something hard.

When will people learn beating them with simple tactics makes them look dumber then with impressive ones?