How do u play rush down style


like what is the approach and proper way to playing that style of play.


I may not be the best to answer, but I think the gist of rushdown style is constant up-close pressure. This means using attacks that keep you at a frame advantage. The goal is to get your opponent to do something out of fear that you’ll throw or command grab him. When they press a button, your attack will come out first to counter their attack because you were at a frame advantage from before, and you can combo into damage.

This rinses and repeats. Either your attack ends with a knockdown to where you can still apply pressure while they get up, or it ends leaving the opponent standing but with you still at advantage.

In order to rushdown, you need to have knowledge of what attacks leave you at advantage, and how you can confirm each attack should it hit into a combo. You need to also condition your opponent to fear a throw so they’ll press buttons for you to counter. But to even get in, you have to have knowledge of your opponent’s tendencies and when you can breach their defense to get up close to start rushdown.

There’s a lot more complexities to rushing down, and some characters are definitely more built for it than others. Was there a specific character you wanted to rushdown with?




You rush them down


Cool, you can definitely play him rushdown at the right moments. In addition to what I mentioned about general rushdown techniques, I think he has an overhead attack he can combo off of, so there’s another way to open people up. But to learn all this stuff you gotta do your homework. Look at online guides from this forum or from youtube on Balrog. See what his combos are, learn his spacing for dash punches, and go from there.


@mobbdeep Watch Smug play on Twitch. Sometimes he rushes down his opponents with Rog.