How do u practice spacing and footsies in training mode


like how do practice this.


Only thing you can really do is practice whiff punishing. Put a dummy on record and hold db then let go and do your move then go back to holding down-back before the move finishes and hold that for 4-5 seconds.

Play that back and try to learn the spacing and the best way to whiff punish the normal.


go read [this](Ground Game Breakdown

and then practice that ^


Once you get a bit more advanced: Footsie Training Drill


figure out what normal from your opponent is giving you a hard time, record the move to constantly come out, figure out the spacing + normal to beat it. looking at hitboxes will help this process.

often times, this is the range you want to play at.

it gets more complicated than this but this is a good start


It all depends how you like to learn honestly. If you like learning through grinding through training mode, you can follow along the previous posts and run those drills. If you want to learn the way I do, you can just play against real people and get bodied over and over until you git gud.


You can’t really practice footsies in training mode since in training mode the outcome is always expected. You can only practice footsies in an actual fight since you don’t know what to expect therefore reactive timing is important. Footsies is about reacting or going with the flow of the rhythm of the fight. Fighting with a computer is just about absorbing the opponents rhythm or static pattern since the the computer is just a robot that only works within the confined of pattern. The best way to learn footsies is to simply play fighting games with real life people as much as you can since real life people tend to have unpredictable patterns to predictable patterns. The best fighter has no pattern at all, therefore totally unpredictable and unbeatable.