How do u test cancel strings and are they a good tatic


how do u test like a normal and then u cancel into a special move type string in training mode and is it a good tatic ?


Cancelling moves is a bad strat. You should always go for resets as much as you can.


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…What are you even trying to ask?


how do u test cancel strings and are they a good tatic


like when u cancel moves are they good tatic.


No. Canceling is a bad tactic is very risky. What you do is do a normal, wait until the recovery ends, and then do the special move. You can only do the next move after a move is over. You can’t just cancel the recovery of a normal by doing a special. What sorcery is that? Even if it was possible, why would you do it? There is literally no reason to cancel the move into a special. It extends combos? Still not worth it. Makes a blockstring? Still not worth it. Now waiting until the recovery is over before doing the special move? That is an amazing tactic. Multiple benefits exist. You leave a gap if the normal hits allowing the opponent to block or hit you before you can do the special. This alone makes it worth it. Normal is blocked? Don’t worry. Just delay the special to let the recovery finished. That way the opponent can t-bag/taunt you and then hit you in the face. Special canceling is a bad tactic.


Sorry but he was asking about tatic, not tactics.


Oh my bad. Tatic is a completely different thing. The best tatic is to stop playing video games and get a life =)


Are you…missing part of your brain or something?


To the OP: I’ve asked you to knock this sort of thing off a few times already.