How do u win against a turtling Gouken?

Ok first of all, i usually like playing against any character even bad match ups like Zangief, but when it comes to Gouken its when the frustration begins. The round starts by Goukens fireball spam, then when i want to J.HK or use Dash punch he sits there turtling waiting to do his Counter (b, d, db +p ) and knocks me to the end of the screen. Then he starts whiffing fireballs again, and when i get close he tries to use the counter again, all he does is sit in the corner.

Is there a certain strategy i can follow against a turtling Gouken? How i make an advantage on him sitting in the corner? Is there a certain move that can put him in trouble?

Some tactics i use are: (i) Headbutt on fireball.
(ii) Turn punch on fireball.
(iii) Trick him with low dashes.

One of my best tactics is to try hit him early, and when he sits back and fireballs, i could see them coming from all the way back and jump them. Diagonal fireballs pass under my head since i see them coming. Then i wait for his (f,d,df + K) and i usually counter with a headbutt.

What do u do against Gouken?


then when i want to J.HK or use Dash punch he sits there turtling waiting to do his Counter (f, d, df)

I haven’t had much trouble vs Gouken so far but that situation with the counter you could empty jump and when he does his counter throw him doing this a few times may make the player want to use the counter sparingly and open him up for you to get a chance to hit him more…you put (f,d,df) though so you may be talking about his punch move in that case that move isn’t safe anway you can block that and punish him…just my thoughts at the time…just my thoughts…

empty jump grab isnt so hard and ffs your balrog empty jump do your easy ass combo

uhhhhh maybe you can try asking in the matchups thread.
thats why we have it. holy crap is it that hard?
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Empty jump on Gouken is great


sorry i meant b, d, db + p ( his counter move dunno what its called)

empty jump ins sounds good, it could be risky if he counters me with his ultra tho.

If you use a safe jump you should be able to block the ultra.
Gouken shouldnt be much of a problem, watch how he plays and use your TAP or rush smash to just go through the Counter (Armour break).

Once you catch him once or twice with the empty jump grab or armour break he’ll think twice about using the counter. Its not unbeatable.

Wow. So basically after playing Goukens you still havn’t figured out or realise that you have to mix up your game because of counter? Lol. Like the above said empty jump and grab or combo upon landing. When he throw fireballs focus some to move forward see how he reacts and act accordingly. Mix-up your dash punches try to bait counter from him. Use armour breakers when advancing forward.

When you get him into the corner it’s where you shine. On knockdown you can really preasure him. His wake-up game is shit. These are the tactics you should do. First thing you should know is what are his options are on wake up.

Lol just read the question again… To beat a turtling Gouken which I still find hard to believe that you are losing to, is to simply just find your way in and grab? Go do some research about the match-up. If there’s nothing in the match-up thread you can PM me and I’ll gladly help you out. :lovin:

LOL @ this dude acting like hes oldschool from 2008, get real.

My bad for posting in here I just relized its a balrog only thread and I ain’t mad at ya for not knowing you asked cause you didn’t know everyone learns diffrently now that you know you should be beasting on Gouken’s sorry ass! :tup:

i get reversed on a-lot by gouken , so after a while of learning , i try to get in empty jump then throw him or combo after his reversal action is done

This thread came at the right time. I got owned (1st game) by a gouken… Basically a jump in fierce is SUICIDAL as he will be basically baiting for that Focus and follow up with painful combos. Watch for 2nd match on how i beat him LOL…

Match 1 - Total Ownage.


Rematch - from 3:50

just fake him. jump forwards, stop in the middle and if he does his move punish him.
or use short dash -> headbutt
turn punsh is also nice, you can evade a lot of moves with that, not only balls !


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I never had this problem with gouken reason is my friend mains him all thee time and in my opinion he’s one the best goukens to fight he never turtles but when he does I do tap,headbut and when he trys focus parry I armor break just study gouken he’s not that hard to bbeat in my opinion he’s bad character

gouken is a shit easy match, he has sucky everything except for fireballs i guess, just get close and knock his ass down, if he gets smart and starts to counter, grab him