How do unblockables work?


Hey guys I just finished seeing flash vs combofiend during ceo teamfinals and I was curious as to what makes an “unblockable” welll uh …unblockable? Is it the timing or the positioning of the character? This is a general question not specific to the flash vs combofiend example


The only way to block a low attack is to block low, the only way to block a jump in is to block high. Given that you can only block in one direction at a time; If your opponent busts out an assist that hits low and then he jumps and times his attack to strike at the same time as the assist then you are going to be hit by one of them because if you block low, his jump-in attack hits and if you block high the assist’s low attack hits you.

I hear Marvel 3 disallowed this, though, so you might be refferring to a hard-to-blockable which really just means it is possible to block but is really hard.

Now to answer in terms of your question. It’s timing, which is naturally affected by the defending character’s position relative to the attacking character’s position in the sense that I need to do x by the time my character gets to his after I start to move towards him which takes y amount of time. But that is really just stating the obvious. Excuse my rudeness if it wasn’t that obvious, though.


My bad should of been specific I meant in SSF4. Sadly I know all to well of marvel unblockables…


In SF4, it’s just difficult to block. You usually have to tap down and then block or do some random normal that sets you really low like Ryu’s low forward. You might get hit by a land jab OS or some other if you use the low forward, though. As for the tap down then block thing, it works because the thing that makes these attacks so hard to block is the fact that if you hold back or forward your character will begin to move because the “air-meaty” attack is being timed to come out when they’re “inside” you(no homo). Think of it like a jump-in meaty. Add to the fact that they can’t exactly jump through you, so their sprite gets slightly pushed out from inside of you and to either side depending on which direction you held from the beginning. This, for some, reason always ends up with your character walking into the attack hence the tap down then block method.

Down then block works because instead of them timing their attack to be inside you as you walk into them you start out too low for them to “air-meaty” and then you rise again once you’ve relegated them to a certain side, allowing you to block without walking forward.


Wait a minute, do you mean the fireball unblockable in super? I think that happens because of some weird glitch in the Ultra animation. I don’t know that they ever explained that in depth, but I do know EX attacks will send you right through any attempt at them.

Still timing, though. You want to set up the fireball to be over where they would be waking up so that it’s right on top of them when your ultra flashes. Something about inputs being dropped during flashes or some shit.


For ‘unblockables’ in SF4, there was a recent thread explaining the mechanics behind it.


Refer to the link by Vulpes to find out more information.

Basically it’s the timing of the attack, along with positioning of the characters, along with the way block animations work in this game. Basically, if properly done, the opponent receiving the attack will block, but due to hit-box positioning, the attacking character will always hit on the ‘non blocked’ side.