How do ya have the Arcade stick buttons set?

Hi I’m a Akuma player and he’s my main character. I recently purchase a arcade stick and I have my buttons configure like this…

X- lp A- lk
Y- mp B- mk
RB- hp RT- hk
LB- no function LT- no funtion

Now I’m new to the arcade stick and it works ok but I’m having a hard time using the two mp and mk to do the FA and I was wondering how you guys as Akuma players have ya buttons set. I’m asking this because maybe I can use one of ya style of buttons set and it could work for me. Hopefully I’m not bothering anybody by asking this question. Thanks

Well, I rewired my Fightstick SE to have the layout:


Since I use the straight six buttons for my layout, this made it easier as the new lineup would be the default controller layout, wouldn’t ever have to mess in the options, just return to default. So it’s:


Generally, as long as three punches are the first row, and three kicks are the second row, you really can’t mess up an arcade stick layout.

LB: jab X: strong Y: fierce RB: nada
LT: short A: forward B: rh RT: nada

Top:LP,MP,HP, no function
Bottom:LK,MK,HK, no function

wow lordofultima I’m going to try yours but I have 1 problem…my joystick doesn’t register going to the right side for some reason and now my Y button i acting up but luckly I order my new JFL 8YT-SK stick with the OCTO plate but I’m gonna go to training mode and just play going to the left and see how it works but keep it coming guys…I’m trying all sort of ways to see which one benefits me.

Also how did you rewired your SE so that the LB and the LT are the first button on the first and second row?

Dunno if you remember me from Youtube dude but I am taking what you said there, and above into consideration, I’m using the default “A” configuration on the button config menu for “arcade stick” It’s not bad but can be awfully confusing in a part of a fight that demands a quick reaction especially when your second guessing yourself to press the right button in time lol >.< hitting lights rather than meds, heavy’s rather than lights, it isnt that bad but its just an example.


Pretty simple, you open the stick up, pull out the wires for the buttons, and shift them over, while moving the last two buttons to the left side.

I may be pointing out the obvious here, infact I know I am but.

For TE owners who don’t want to void the warranty, isn’t just reconfiguring the buttons easier than switching the buttons around by opening it up?

It’ll do the same job, ofc it will just feel a bit strange transitioning over and memorizing the buttons to their new assignments though, all in all does the same job.



I suppose so, but fuck warranties. I didn’t want to have to hit A with a button that is never in play, so I switched them over. I have an SE, and anyone buying an SE but not opening it up is insane to begin with.

Arcade setups are (IIRC):

Lk Mk HK

I set my stick the same way so if I ever get myself back there muscle memory should right to play.


Alright, thought as much - And yeah Ultima I know, having a SE and NOT modding it is dam right nuts, but since I got a TE, I think I’ll go with my method, when the warranty runs out I’ll mod it then.

I’ve actually been tempted to maybe get a SE to mod and piss around with too though, I’ll switch the order of the buttons on that if I do decide to get one.


you should learn to play with the arcade standards and avoid using short-cuts. it will only affect your game negatively in the long run

How so? you can use your own stick when playing in competitions right? growing used to one way of playing is what everyone does to learn to improve.

Its not taking a shortcut, its finding what is comfortable.

EDIT: Just sprung to mind you may of been trying to get at, if I use my TE’s standard layout ,then adjust the layout of a SE i purchase it may affect me? It wouldn’t mate.

What I mean is adjusting the configuration on the TE, to work how a modded SE would, but without having to change around the buttons :slight_smile:


A lot of tourneys ban mapping more than one input per button. AKA no PPP or KKK or MP+MK

Im not talking bout mapping more than one input per button mate O.o

I’m simply saying I’d like to perhaps change my Layout, for example rather than have an attack that’s mapped to B, I’d prefer it at X, for my own comfort/preference, not even sure what that would do without having to look at my current “Arcade Stick A” config in game.

I don’t really know what button does what, I’ve learn t kinetically what to press rather than memorize what is what, I sometimes think that’s a bad thing though, hence the idea of re-vamping my layout. So I can begin and memorize what exactly is where on the Stick, Also bare in mind I’ve not had my stick long at all either so I’m still in the spongy stage of memorizing my layout.


WTF are you talking about? You’ve learn t kinetically?

how about dont change the layout from the default. its pretty basic…

lp mp hp
lk mk hk

Wouldn’t by any chance be using a TE stick dude?

I just had to send back one of my TE sticks due to the exact problem, my Y (HP) button refused to work, was a right fuck on playing without it for a week or two before Mad Catz finally got back in touch with me to get it replaced.