How do you actually make friends in the tournament environment?

Or meet people as a better way of saying it? At cons, I met new people and would say gained their acquintances, but I wanted to branch out of that since I’ve gotten better after going against various opponents. I’ve also heard how professional gamers in the FGC were friends with others and how they’d met at various tournaments. I would like to have that experience, going to tournaments with friends and such (my friends aren’t into gaming that much) and I always wanted to get into competitive gaming. I just don’t know where would be a good start (I don’t know of anywhere in Maryland other than Xanadu to do so).

You be a friend… share what you know and help out as much as you can.

Hang out with them outside of fighters also. get a drink. chill…

Or you can beat their ass and they’ll come to you.

“Damn your ken’s so S RANK”!

Just show up to your offline casual sessions, tournaments, weeklies, any event where players meet offline. Just show up, be courteous, don’t be afraid to talk to people and ask questions, and you’ll quickly make friends. Most people in the community don’t mind talking to new players and helping to level up their game. Be sure to look up the ‘regional matchmaking’ area to see what’s going on in your local community. As long as you’re not an asshole, you won’t have any problems making friends.

Just be friendly, and don’t talk to people while they’re salty. And NEVER give game advice to somebody you don’t know (unless they ask for it, obviously) as there are a lot more people who will get irritated by some random new guy telling them how to play, than people who will just accept advice like an adult and move on.

just dont be a goober

And shower.

  • Play well
  • Give props
  • Shake hands

Yes…please shower.
Please don’t smell like the fucking Ganja or other disturbing amenities.

lol well, smelling like herb might attract many people, if you wanna make friends with moochers (many of the most famous top players are moochers!)

works the same way with smokes. maybe only 50% of fighting gamers who smoke buy their own smokes

I don’t smoke, yet I kinda hate being around smokers.

Whoa, chilllllllllllllllllllllllll.

I haven’t been to Xan inna minute but go to the regional matchmaking and ask session are still being held at terpzone on Fridays,I’ve been there once pretty chill environment.I be ur friend dude I’m looking for more sparring partners,what’s ur gamertag?

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Just keep going. You will find cool people fuck the rest. If people have an attitude that’s their deal not yours do whatever the fuck you want.

sit down next to person
play casuals
talk about the game
after you both get off talk more about the game, then about life
go out to sessions more
eventually drink/smoke with them if applicable
friendship acquired

If its a girl, good luck trying to get in dat ass or even trying to be friends. No clue on that one.

soooo true (guilty as charged on occasion)

When you go to tourneys… open your mouth. Ask questions. You ever noticed at tourneys players usually roll in groups or duos? Its cause they have a few people they are cool with that know other people. People are afraid to speak to the ‘top players’ cause they feel they are impeding or they can’t relate… not the case. Sure some players come off as ‘assholes’ or ‘arrogant’ but thats not the case at all. Its about how you engage in the convo and work it from there.

I know majority of this community VIA someone else. It all happened in convo of the moment (post match… hanging around…etc.). People waaaay waaaaay back use to be like Ricky Ortiz is arrogant or acts a certain way. He was speaking with a good buddy of mine and I simply engage in the convo they were having (about a match) and I added a simple too cents and introduced myself. From there we conversed and I met Arturo (sabin) all in the same day an been good buddies ever since. Everything that was perceived about him was wrong (im my eyes) and I gained some gaming buddies.

Its simple gaming networking. Yes even in todays ‘superstar’ attitude atmosphere of the gaming community. Skisonic once said is it no one you don’t know. That simply came from me talking, engaging, asking questions and not being afraid of a name… this includes to newcomers to the scene or ones i have literally watched grow up. So next time you are at a tourney with xanadu players hang out an get to know other people or if you see me at a tourney kick it an I will introduce u and allow you to take it from there.

Don’t you have to pay to play at Xanadu other than the entry fee? And I dont know if you’d like to meet me in person.

That mentality is already hindering you. Yes you pay a venue fee (small price) as you would at any venue gathering in any region outside of a arcade or someones home and learn your community via playing.

Do I pay only once or for each game I play? Oh, and I play Tekken, not that’s relevant. I just suck at Street Fighter and Marvel.