How do you actually make friends in the tournament environment?

No, you pay a venue fee… thats it. You play as much as you want. You should visit the DMV thread to learn the ins and outs.

Sucking is seriously the WORST excuse for NOT playing a game you like.

The philosophy with this drives me crazy!

I like them, but I know I’m far from decent. Below is probably the best I’ve done online, compared to the twenty-something losses I went through.


So tourny environments are kinda like prison…Cigarettes are currency…interesting…are tourny scenes what prison smells like too?

Go to Xanadu dude. The people there are super cool.

Honestly you don’t want to try to be friends with most of the gamers out there. Too many smelly scumbags who can be pretty introverted and will mooch off of you if you give them the opportunity. A top player tried to go after my ex after some BS that happened and the stories I hear of from the past and currently from others makes me question morality at times. Leave business as business, get some real friends that aren’t related to the community, you’ll probably only see these guys every once in a while anyways.

I have friends outside the community, but what would they mooch off of me?

Car rides, food, alcohol, cash for hotel rooms that sometimes don’t get paid off. Some of the most ungrateful people I ever met came from the community. Just watch who you associate with and make sure they keep their shit in line if you do find people that you travel with.

Seeing that I lack those necessities and don’t plan on ever drinking, I doubt I’ll be mooched off for everything (can’t say, though), but I will take that in mind. Right now, I’m just itching for another tournament.

dont listen to that guy

he probably smells or is a huge sucker or something