How do you anti-air online?



I am having serious troubles with consistently anti-airing online. At least I’m adding online to this because I feel that the little bit of delay makes a huge difference.

I know Hakan has, on paper, so many options to deal with jump-ins but st.fierce seems to trade a lot more with the Ultra “buff” and in general I get the feeling it actually is less effective now. Should I use his air throw? Or j.strong? I always feel like these come out to late when I have to react.

Or am I just too slow?


If you have oil go for FABDC and cr.LK (st.MP works surprislingly good for me also) or just the backdash. If you don’t have oil try to time your stHP better, you can also beat some jumps angles with st.MP and F.LP.

Jump Back HP is also a good option as well as Jump forward LP.

You can also crossdown with slide (very good to get out of corner).

F.MP is also very very good, it beats all neutral jumps clean as well as some jump angles and divekick.

Air throw is more for crossups angles, jumps that you predicted or pure air to air situations


St.Fierce is amazing now it’s definitely buffed sounds like it’s a combination of lag and slow reactions


I usually use LP Slide, you have to do it a bit early but you gain a knockdown if you land it. I never use f+MP because it has 10f of startup and a quite large hitbox, LP Slide shrinks the hitbox to a low profile and can be done a bit later.

Anyway, if in doubt, do what all the pros do: just block and be patient