How do you attain an arcade mode high score?

I searched the leader board and sorted by my friends list, and then I searched “my rank” I don’t have a score on there at all.

Wouldn’t it keep track of any score regardless of what score I got? am I missing something…are there certain requirements to achieve this?

Must be on medium difficulty or higher.

I have all the achievements…so I’ve beaten it on HARDEST difficulty before…but yet I didn’t get one, why is that?

Does the number of rounds you choose matter? I had best of of 3 selected.

Did you continue at all?

NO…but if I did would that matter?

Difficulty: "Inclusion in ranking requires MEDIUM or above."
Rounds (Best Of): "Inclusion in ranking requires 3."
Time Limit: “Inclusion in ranking requires a count of 99.”

Best of 3
99 second
Medium or higher difficulty

…and spam seth combos that has the invisible kick

That would be why(I don’t use the 99 clock) Thanks you guys!!

edit: so I can’t do best of 7?

It requires 3
So it has to be 3.
Only thing changeable is the difficulty.

Just do some crazy Seth legs.

Thanks for clearing that up, I did the whole 1 round 30 seconds crap to unlock everyone when the game came out and I’ve never touched arcade mode since. I was wondering why I wasn’t getting a high score…

Sorry for reviving an old thread but I didn’t want to create a new one just for the hell of it and my question is relevent to the thread. Anyway my question is how have people got such high scores on the arcade mode rankings. I only just checked mine the other day and I’m at about number 6000 in the ranking (I forget my score) I get perfects and fight akuma/gouken all the time and notch up alot of combos, the guys at the top still have way more points. It’s noteworthy they are all Seth players at the top. Is it infinite combos? Time taken? Just curious.

Longer combo strings net you higher points. Characters who can do gratuitously long combos for little damage come out on top.

The exact same way you win the majority of the matches in other modes in Street Fighter IV - spam!

So I take it Seth has the longest least damaging combos since everyone at the top is Seth? I don’t play as him much just once to beat arcade mode with everyone I think.

Pretty much. Seth does no damage though is a combo beast and some of his basic moves do loads of hits for single inputs anyway, e.g. his :qcb::k: move does 17 hits and is combable, his ultra does about 20 hits, his super does about 22 I think, his srk does 3 hits and his ex srk does up to 7 hits…

If you’re interested, video I made last week showing some of seths every day combos:


You’ll get the idea. With stun 50+ hit combos are pretty common in matches.

Great video you got skills, I see why all the top scores are Seth now.