How do you avoid


Yang’s command grab? (or is it literally 50/50 guessing)

EX: ex-slash knockdown -> yang teleports to you -> mindgame starts


I’ve been into watching speedruns of games lately. Mainly stuff by Speed Runs Live or AGDQ. Mr. Siglemic of course got me into it with his crazy 12 hour a day stuff. It’s very entertaining to me, and I treat it pretty much as TV, something to watch and fall asleep to and not have to think too much since I don’t play any of those games.

Also something’s stuck under my L key. Annoying.

And yeah, 7 frame startup, so if they mix it up well, just guess.


I’m not really sure, but you should also try to not always quick stand…It all comes down to your extinct :confused:


block first 5 frames of wakeup because you can’t be thrown during those frames, then jump. it will take some practice to know when those 5 frames are up. I’m still working on it.

are you actually Emirati?



Super useful against zenpo and karakusa. I wish I was good at it.


Yes, I am.


wow dope, Dubai looks like a future city!




It might look like it, but it’s damn boring. That’s why I try to travel alot…

Unless your opponent can do SGGK, go for a wake up lol, might sound bad, but works sometimes (if he’s a rushdown heavy type of person) try to study your opponent. Some habits never die.


yo Denny throw in a couple srks…itll make em think twice about their mixups…even hesitate…and when they hesitate u gotta gtfo…just sayin bro…dont wanna be in the corner vs that guy…mixup your wakeup options. oh yea…might as well guess on that command throw…whats the worst that could happen? not like yang has shin shoryuken :slight_smile:


ryus srk can easily be option selected though. =(


Don’t let Yang knock you down. You are at a totally disadvantaged situation when he does.


yea Ryu24 true…but that one time that they don’t option select or mess up its a win for you…definitely not anything to rely on…just remember your options…oh yea u still got ex shoryu…the more hits the better


any sort of OS doesn’t beat everything.
you have to make them unsure of using something like that often.


Don’t listen to this guy. All he knows is how to play Ryu. He doesn’t even know the best option select doesn’t require you to press buttons.


Fuck that, Ryu wake-up HP shoryuall day. Invincibility is for losers.


how dare you.
i’m the best at doing nothing.


Guard jump mixed in with cr strong tatsu mixed in with straight raw rh tatsu mixed in with shoryu mixed in with mash throw.

Btw, just cuz you struggle vs a certain character doesn’t automatically mean its one of ryus worst matchups.


if you’re that afraid, parry then jump

yang has an option select to block shoryu’s and another option select to parry button press and punish, or you could just be smart and read your opponents habits


Can we shift focus back to me?