How do you beat Alex?

I dont know how to beat this guy. He always shuts me down with powerbombs, throws and ex elbow slashes etc… I was wondering if anyone who has good experience in dealing with Alex could share some advice.

On a side note could we get a match ups thread? that is if anyone has spare time to do it.

this match is basically turtle up because 4 hits is stun if you’re stuck you can barrage with divekicks cause his throws range is so short despite its speed, i give you 2-3 divekicks before he wises up and just aa’s instead of trying to throw so get out while you can

divekick in jb fierce out works well for me

c.strong into short dragon kicks works pretty well on Alex if he likes to jump in. You can also jump towards him and jab fierce. Use these to keep him at a distance until you get GJ, because Alex is only a threat when he’s close. I basically just turtle and build up meter. Sometimes I like to dive kick and jump out with a fierce too; Just keep moving. Try to learn the other person’s habit of what they like to do on wake-up. If he likes to go for throws and power bombs, jump out. If he likes to tick first or throw out pokes, try hitting him with a c.jab. It’s a good poke that’ll buy you time to get out of trouble. EX dragon kicks work well too. I guess it’s obvious, but deciding this match depends on how well you know your GJ :wgrin:

His J. Fierce can outbeat your jump in with dives, simple, keep him pressured, watch your space with him and try to not forget about his command grab that tick will ruin Yun. Just play it smart know the rythm of the Alex Player what chain you can do go for it.

Ok I used to be an alex player
I used to love him
I used him on evo last year
I played KSK, it was nice
but… playing against yun made me switch to him
Alex cant do muc but guess, he doesnt have a solid strategy against you
while you do= build meter

te mind game true tec posted works fine and most of all, STAY OUT OF KNOCKDOWNS
Knockdowns are alex’s best friend
so be careful

in my words
all you have to do is use (in a smart way) your top tierness