How do you beat Bison's stomp with Vega


Whenever this move happens, I never know what to do even though I can fully react to it. Trying to jump back and attack usually whiffs or I get hit anyways, jumping towards it and trying to throw fails. focusing it forces me to backdash or get hit by the followup, and blocking lets him get in my face where I can’t do anything to get him out.


have you tried the combination of jump back + air throw? neutral jump heavy kick would also probably work


Air-throw works for me 9 times out of 10.


Just dash under him or dash backwards and punish.


If you are far away, basically every character can avoid every headstomp by neutral jumping. You can even dash underneath if you do it early. The tracking sucks.

If they do it from really close, don’t try neutral jumping.


Vega has plenty options for this. Neutral jump and HP is great thus can be done on the way up which works well. Air throw is great. Triple punch should evade the whole thing if you time it and so on. EX spiral at the right time may work. Scarlet Terror is next to useless in this situation. But air throw and hp on-air should be the best options.