How do you beat Chunners?



I may not be the only one, but I have a hard time beating Chun-Li. I play a K Team of Rock/Kyo/Rugal(r2) and she shuts down everyone but Rock. Now… the Chunners I play against is stupid. Well, not stupid, but annoying. A basic overview of the match is: Chun (in C groove, just thought I’d mention it) does an attempted j.short, c.jab c.jab c.strong SBK. Really all he does is randomly poke with jab and strong and go for the crossup whenever he gets the chance. Whats really annoying is that whenever I try to react to anything, I get hit with s.strong/c.strong into super. Anytime I get any sort of advantage (land a knockdown, etc) Chun instantly switches to turtle mode and just waits till I screw up a low jump to throw out her c.roundhouse, then resumes the poke pattern into SBK or what have you.
Now my Rock can usually pull off a win; but since my opponent knows that, he tries to mix up his order so the two don’t fight… he likes his SBK chip damage, I guess. I usually manage a throw after the SBK, which sets up for some stuff with Kyo (lots of high/low mix up into up kicks into fierce fireball, which is a whole rack of stun), but it just seems like Rugal can do next to nothing against everyone’s favorite Chinese news reporter/INTERPOL Agent/Strongest Woman in the World, whichever one Capcom decides she should be this week. But that could just be the mindgames. No strategy is perfect, I just can’t find the holes… so I come to you all and beg the pro’s to teach me.


Learn to JD chun li’s spinning bird kick. From a cr mp, you have adequate time to JD all 2/4/6 hits of it, and then throw her.

This sounds difficult, but it is really easy to get the timing down, took me 5 minutes in practice mode.

Then he will either switch to st HP -> SBK, in which case you’re screwed since you don’t seem to like picking characters with good pokes, or else he’ll start playing chun li in a non-scrubby way.


Rugal is k groove huh?? Well I used to play a chunli exactly like that, except he would do the s.FP into SBK very very annoying. Best advice i can give is to learn to just defend well, or switch characters. I love using Rugal too, but I believe he has a lot more potential in a groove that can store supers, particulary C. Any character with a nice command grab can punish Chun Li after a SBK, as well with any character with a quick lvl 3 super, should have plenty of those in K groove.


wish i could help here pat, but kyo does have an auto-parry special, right? i’m using chang’s against my friend’s chun-li more, the light version early so chun can’t land and block before chang’s blubber can let hurl that ball out. i don’t know kyo’s auto-parry special’s properties tho outside of once-auto-parry.