How do you beat Gill?

I’ve managed to reach Gill twice, and I never won a single round off him. Any tips on beating him?

If he starts regenerating, shoot a fireball at him to make it stop. If I ever reach Gill I never try to beat him just in case someone wants to play me, lol.

how long have you had the game to only reach him twice?

i fight him like a normal opponet…but he does own you at times

im not sure what to say here

get him knocked down with a lucky srk, when he stands up, uoh, srk. repeat. + shoryuken

There’s a range where his c.LK/c.MK wont reach you, but he will try to interrupt your c.MK, if you c.MK at that range he will whiff and you will hit, giving you free super. You can the same with sweep and the like. The rest is pretty much playing with a ‘solid’ ground game and using close poke into shoryuken often. You could play him without the shoryuken thing, but it’s a bit harder:P

all u gotta do is just beat his ass plan and simple

lol wtf. All I do is Jump In as he gets up and he never blocks full jump in RH low forward srk.This is with 8-star gill the arcade gill is easier. To knock him down use a timed low RH or anti-air srk., s.lp, lp-shoryu

I’ve only played this game for about a month, and around 9-10 times in total. I’ll try the SRK stuff. My jump-ins always gets me killed because Gill does this anti-air move and knocks me back.

Is it possible to parry his fireballs/iceballs? I can parry the first hit but I keep getting hit by the second.

yeah, you can parry it, you just need to get the timing down for it. You don’t have to parry it though:P

ok I managed to beat him for both rounds, but both rounds he used resurrection. Any tips on timing on stopping his resurection? I tried doing a fireball, but the fireball froze in front of him. Does that mean I did the fireball too early or too late?

What’s worked for me is to wait til he jumps & nail him with a shoryu. Then, I keep super-jumping and crossing him up with, and when it hits,I follow up with whatever I like! Worked twice in a row so far.

this is how i beat him. start match with hurricane kick your still good if he blocks it then follow up with a lp shoryuken hopefully it hits most of the time it will. once u got that the rest should be pretty easy. next f/mk follow by shoryuken/shoryuken repeat until he’s dead. if he happens to use resurrection just make sure ur right next to him and shoryuken and reapeat step two. hope that helps works for me everytime.

Just use Chun. Use fierce, build meter, super. Done deal.

Use a HK tatsu or EX tatsu to abort the ressurection process:P