How do you beat Gouken?



Hey guys im having real trouble in the Gouken matchup so i thought i would come here and see if you could help me. I only play my friend and i main Cammy and Ken. I just get completely blown up by his focus thing, it like pretty much shuts down all of Cammies offense and mixups because you cant jump in or Cannon Spike as it just gets blown up. On top of this you cant air to air with him cos u get that air upercut which beats everything and the most annoying thing i feel he has is the sweep, its so fast and completely unpunishable. Are Ken and Cammy just bad matchups, if so whats a good counter pick for him or am i just completely missing something when it comes to the focus move he has, is there a way to beat it?

All help appreciated.


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I’d say, the ken matchup is 5/5, and the cammy matchup is 6.5/3.5 in her favor.

If your friend is blowing you up with his counter, then you are being too predictable. You gotta be variable with your timing and your mid/low hits and throws.


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There’s your problem right there. These two matchups are extremely disadvantaged, especially Cammy.

Your only hope is to counterpick Gouken with






JazzyJ, it’ll help us greatly if you can get footage of you fighting a gouken. Otherwise you likely won’t find any productive comments. See comments above.


Even with clips he’s gonna get disinformation and equivocation.

He may want to wait until after the update however


Naw he can get help already, just needs to be aware that some people don’t go into that already. He might need some new help after, with the large potential lists of incoming changes.

For Ken I have only a few things to say as I am not a Ken player. Mostly just a few things to be aware of. This match seems mostly 5-5 to me, no one side has a great advantage over the other, but some few things that work pretty well vs the other.

At the start of the round: Please do not jump back Hadou. When I get this matchup and thats the first thing a Ken does to me I immediatley crack up laughing. In this matchup(and probably everyone of Kens, once again not that versed in him) the far away game is Goukens playing field. This will not be where you gain an advantage. Ken is far more rushdown than Ryu and his particular toolset allows him a great advantage. 4f c.MK is very strong vs Gouken as only our close MK is 3 frame. Our best normals are almost all 5, 6 or 8 frames(dont worry MK despite me saying that, I still love you).
Other strong tools, kara-grab, kara focus(Kens kara focus is sooooooooo good) and overheads.

Things to be aware of
-If Gouken has a super we can punish your stepkick on block at almost every distance(the utmost furthest one is the only one where we whiff, ive gotten it in training mode, but no actual opponent has ever hit me that way.)
-as said, if you are getting parried a lot you are being far to predictable, between the 4f low, multiple overheads and kara grab it should be very hard for him to guess.
-we dislike someone like ken up close, keep the pressure on to make us uncomfortable, keeping your distance gives us breathing room and plays to our strengths in this matchup.

Allrighty on to Cammy
This matchup is heavily in her favour (Fighting Alioune has me feel this is 7-3, even though he beats me 10-0 with her :frowning: )
Her I do play as well as Gouken and whenever I’m messing around with her and an opponent ends up Gouken I just feel real bad :frowning:
This I’ll be able to commentate much better with some vids of you playing, but in general she’ll only lose her if you really advertise your mixup, cause otherwise you can really just maintain your pressure like crazy.
Her DP cant even be avoided with EX Flip as her active frames are so long she’ll just follow him to the top and hit him so thats not even a concern.
When close mixing up standing jab(or crouch fierce counterhit setups), crouching short and backthrow will cause things to be real hard on the gouken.
Demonflip is rarely scary as her airgrab can neutralise any that come close without fear of the parry.
EX Spiral, Ultra and Super can all beat even his hadou on reaction from midscreen or closer.
Pretty much everything is in her favour and your worst enemy is being predictable.

Good luck and look forward to seeing some vids for tailored advice :slight_smile:


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With Cammy, your best bet is to throw a sonic boom and then do a wall dive into your 3 frame reverse command grab. Gouken can’t do anything against that.


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Well first of all, gouken isn’t a good character. Against ken he may have some advantage but definitely not against cammy.

If your friend is just countering all of your cammy jump in shit on wakeup etc. then you should just expect him to do it. Do an empty jump on his wakeup. He does the counter, then you can ultra him, or do a big combo. An ultra would be a good option to let your friend know that you see through his mashing shit.

The next day you play him, just do an empty jump over him after you have knocked him down. This would be primetime for him to do his counter. He will do it. Then with about a second delay (you don’t want your ultra to hit the still active counter) ultra him. You can do the same thing with Ken.

If he is doing dash forward sweep alot, then you can predict that, and focus everytime he dashes forward. Or just ultra him.

Just pay close attention to your friends patterns, your problems are not related to the matchups in themselves, but rather how you and your buddy play the matchups.


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