How do you beat kim?



I figured this would be the place to ask this, heh, i need some help.

I play againt a kim often using ken.

he plays like this :

puts me in the left corner, stays a bit more then a sweeps distance from me, while chrouching defensively, He often uses his three hit arial attack where he kicks me up into the air as he moves with me. i cant crouch hurt him because hes always crouch blocking, i cant really do much standing because he doesnt let me get that close, constantly pushing me away, i cant jump in for overhead as he crouches, because he counters with the anti air 3 kick move. im really stuck here :S

I need some help like info on how to beat the three hit air attack and some of his other moves, and generally what to do when hes being a madly offensive turtle, (dunno if there is a such thing lol).


You can’t beat Kim. Sorry.


Here’s a tip: Don’t suck.


Outpoke him, ken has better pokes than Kim. Foward Roundhouse, crouching MK, eventually he will move or his guard will get crushed.


this tip coming from the guy who said kyosuke is better than dhalsim and guile…


the shotos can’t beat kim. no one can…kim is unstoppable


Yeah, that’s right, he’s unstoppable. Anyone can outpoke anyone with the right moves. It’s easier with certain characters than others, of course, but it’s possible.

By the way, Ken vs Kim is an even match.

Forward roundhouse stops or trades with all of Kim’s pokes, but if Ken sticks it out and whiffs, punishment will be had.

Ducking forward loses to shorts, or trades at best. I suppose it’s an even match, assuming the players are of the same skill level. But yeah, Kim is hard to beat because no one plays him still. I swear I’m still the only one in the country that uses him. Everyone’s getting used to playing him now, at least in Sunnyvale. So I guess I have to find new things to do with him again…


your just the only good player who uses him lol i’ve always been a kim fan probably because i have a 3rd degree black belt in taekwondo…i’m half korean or maybe it’s because he gets no fireballs and he still kicks ass. whatever it is Kim is on the rise to top tier lol


I’ve been using kim since the begginning. it’s true, people just aren’t used to fighting him. he has the best jump in move in the game, j.fp beats all normal anti airs. i have never traded hits when i did a jumping fierce with him. close fierce into stomp is diesel, since u have so many options afterwards, he can combo his j.fp and into his air super, kim is too nice


No, you can’t compare kim with ken, because ken will get beat easily.

The only people I’m having trouble with when playing them with kim…are bison, sagat and blanka. the rest aren’t that hard


u should be having no problems fighting sagat. especially since he can’t duck kim’s s.fierce. Sagat cannot use s.roundhouse to AA u since u have j.fierce, all he can do is super and deep tiger upercut. so take advantage of that. Oh and fucking stomp on that bitch, do crossup,, s.fiercexxxd,d+hk into wut ever mix up.


I just uppercut the 3-hit kick move, it aint hard. I also uppercut random crescent slices, you can also uppercut it if cancelled from mk.


a good kim player would never do random crescent slices, or random d,u+p. so my guess is u r palying against horibble kim players.




just got another 10 wins in a roll with kim :smiley: but…I got a headache and had to leave. I think we should all record some videos of kim from different users and check out how to improvise more. I saw a kim video by eric wong I think, he never used a lot of kim’s moves…I guess we all play differently. So I’ll get someone to record my match next time and show different style.


that’s a good idea, next time i go to my friends house i’ll tell him to record some matches


got some videos of my matches recorded:

ok don’t laugh at this but if it’s not an arcade controller, I usually do horrible at it and it takes time for me to adapt the controller…

Watch these in regular screen not full screen because I’ve reduced the size so it can be loaded quickly on the internet.

Kim is Level 1 in these two videos, I rarely use him as a level 2. never used him as level 3 or 4,

here’s my first round:

and here’s my second round:

this is my c-groove kim, I usually would jump back and forth but because I don’t have a system or anything, playing with non arcade controllers messed my moves up.

I use a-groove kim to do the rapid combos, down down kick, qcb kick for when they are ducking block. the dd kick will get pass the downblock. and if they are just standing block, do back forward kick and tap kick rapidly, he’ll slide constantly till dizzy sign.

my k-groove was learned from someone’s k-groove kim’s moves, I don’t do what they do but I will try to get a chance to record these in the arcade. because regular game controllers gets me nowhere.

let me know what you think, what do you think I need to improve on. the first match was an insult to my matches…didn’t know the controller was going to be that difficult.


You roll a hell of a lot. First video you can see when your friend waits and just throws you with Ken. The second video not so much. 2nd video you jumped in a hell of a lot. 2nd viideo you had some nice crossups but you could’ve landed some more combos. Since you pla C groove it’s ok to empty jump every once in a while. You need to develop a more footsie game. Your friend in the first match seems to be a turtle (i only watched the Kim matchup in both vids) you should develop a poke game. If he continues to turtle then learn some throw setups. If you want any specific strats then just post or message me MrGotRice6 on AIM or on MSN

I know it’s broad of what i said but it’s pretty basic. Hope it helps.


That video was so horrible. Is trip the only move you guys know?


The vids were ok. There’s a lot of stuff i see your kim lacking. One thing is that u desperatley need a footsie game. I saw no footsies at all from your kim. kim has really really good pokes in his, s.fp,, and Another thing is that u roll way too much. Yes, kim as one of the best rolls in the game, u were over doing it. Since u used him in C-groove u should’ve been dashing a lot more. his dash is really good. Damn i should’ve recorded my matches yesterday, i’ll try to get some matches up this coming weekend.

One last note. THe one thing is i liked is that fact that your kim wasn’t like most peoples. At least u didn’t sit there waiting to anti air them with d,u+k which is wut most people do. And don’t forget, work on your footsies.

U could also hit me up on AIM if u want me to share some more shit, hit me up at this AIM screenname: Chemistren