How do you beat sentinal?

he is my toughest matchup. what are his weaknesses? anyone got any tips?
i play ryu, guile, and ken

stop playing ryu guile ken.

Seriously… as bad and asshole like as it sounds, this is your best option lol. Odds are stacked against you in a HUGE way. No way that team can penetrate a good or even a decent sent.

You either need a lockdown team to keep him from zoning or someone quick enough to catch him from flying everywhere.

pick some different characters.

pick cable because he’s ryu but cooler

As an assist, Guile and Ken on anti air can do sort of okay to stop Sentinel from flying in your face all the time, but you’ll need a much stronger point character to be able to fight him head on.

You’re going to need to swap some characters out. If you’re really attached to Ryu/Guile/Ken, you can probably make a decent team and keep one of them, but you’re not going to win using all three.

Ken is the only one of those three that’s worth using as far as I know, and even then just for the Shoryuken assist.

This is all hugely dependent if the sentinel is mango or not.

okay now that the part where we tell you to pick better chars is over, more serious advice:

for good ken play look at vids of VDO and shit, i dunno ryu, i dunno guile (maybe mixup or skitz if they have vids online but i dont think they do… i remember romneto playing a good charlie but i dunno guile…)…

either way take a look at their character subforums on this site Marvel vs Capcom 2

look on preppy’s site for vids of your char if you can’t find any on youtube Video game videos: Marvel vs Capcom 2

it is possible to win, but it will be really hard and really painful, you have to make very few mistakes (zero). you should play some as top tier chars (sentinel, magneto, cable, etc) if you want to understand how to beat them though, because it will let you understand their few weaknesses.

also, if you are planning on using low tier chars against top tiers, here is a quick checklist of things your low tier team has to not lose automatically to:

  1. sentinel activates flight, holds upback (guile antiair assist may help with this, shinkuu hadouken maybe?? idk you will probably have trouble here)
  2. sentinel zoning, if you try to superjump over, he just does mouthbeam unblockable and you land on it (if you don’t have a way to hit him out of it, a wall jump, a double jump, an airdash, or something else to alter the jump arc, your char will lose to this for free every time… ryu and ken have hadouken to alter jump arc, guile has flash kick… outside of that i dont really know.).
  3. storm runaway (you have ken and guile assist, guile can flash kick in the air)
  4. cable lockdown with drones or doom rocks (ken assist can beat doom rocks and drones if you are close, but i dont know how you are going to deal with this other than that.)
  5. cyke assist (don’t know)
  6. commando assist (don’t know)
  7. sentinel flight stepping on you w/ magneto assist (you have ken assist, don’t let him get baited and have him miss)
  8. sentinel flight stepping on you w/ antiair assist (you have ken assist, don’t let him get baited and have him miss)
  9. your combos need to not require a grounded opponent because otherwise you won’t be landing shit on the constantly trijumping, flying, and tiger kneeing a grenade top tiers. (ken’s infinite, guile throw resets, ryu shinkuu shit)

but yeah it is doable but it will be hard as fuck. and even if you play perfect sometimes shit will happen and you lose. seriously, low tiers can lose off the effects of blocking a random jab.

in the early early days of marvel, guile AA assist was thought of as a counter to sentinel flight mode actually… it is just possible to avoid him…

just play team scrub

if he stays on the ground, drones+nades+fpx4+jab viper.

if hes in the air, capcom plus sj. fp. if you connect with a bullet cancel into AHVB. youre not gonna get many chances to get the AHVBxN against sent since hes too easily airborne. but cable is definitely someone sentinel does not want to go into flight mode against unless he can unfly quickly.

and then later on when youre better you can sub out capcom for cyclops

You honestly should pick a different team. Ryu, Guile, & Ken are really just a terrible team choice. The game is pretty deep in its metagame and picking your favorite characters to form a team will just get one of your characters stocked in less than 10 secs. I don’t think any of those characters serve a tactical purpose in the least.

Guile is probably the best character on that team.

You’re going to have to out zone sentinel if you want any hopes of beating him. It doesn’t matter what character you are, zoning is going to win you games but a lot of other characters of the cast have better options than others

yeah i’ll be honest i recommend just picking a better team, that long post was just if you REALLY ARE SET on playing with your existing team…

Since this is newbie forum, probably want to mention the team members of that:

Scrub = Cable (b), Sentinel (y), Captain Commando (b)

If you EVER get a launch with Ken, ALWAYS end the combo in heavy hurricane kick.

Lp, lp, hurricane kick will do the trick for a ton of damage.

Like everyone has said though, you really don’t have a way of getting to Sentinel, especially if the Sentinel player is any good (zoning and flying well).

I think Shoryureppa goes through the first round of Sentinel’s missile super, but I would test that out first.

That might be good if the other player is being really predictable and you’re under half screen away, but I wouldn’t rely on it.

Maybe Shinryuken if he’s flying right above you, but that would still be kinda risky because if he’s too high he can just fly away and punish you.

Swap in Captain Commando with anti air assist for one of those (I’d say Ryu) and that will help against flying Sentinel a lot, but it still won’t do much against his ground game.

Also, if you have Guile on point, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Cr. HK into either super will work more than maybe (MAYBE) once against a player with any experience. It’s a pretty easily rollable combo, and if Sentinel rolls out of it, he has about fifty ways of taking half your life bar or more away.

Metallic characters take double damage from electric-type effects. I think you should replace Ryu with Storm. Storms super combo can take 25% of Sentinel’s health just from chip damage. I’d replace Ryu instead of Ken because they are similar and Ryu doesn’t have an elemental attribute. He does decent physical damage, but Ken’s fire elemental properties make him a better choice to keep. Guile has wind properties so he’s very useful against most characters.

spell sentinel right…

then, go learn how to play sentinel with his typical various assist partners(capcom/BH/doom/cable/psy/anyone)

it sounds simple, and it is simple. But like in all fighting games, if you don’t know, you’ll lose just on ignorance not skill. Learning what characters do and when they can do something is the only way to attack with what you use personally.
Example: with ken, if you block sent’s l.fp, Rocketp, into HSF, if you know the distance, you can shoryureppa through the hsf, or if your hella ballsy, push block the l.fp, short wave dash, fierce dp.
example 2: if you’ve learned sent, and know when he has unfly, look for bad flight calls and dp him, its just a case of knowing when to

if you don’t want to learn the characters, you will have to do the old fashion way of trial and error vs. that character over and over and over again, which will take longer since players play differently.


dont shinryuken if he is flying because it will hit him once and then he will fall out and get up and punish you

If the Sentinel is really good and keeps away, you pretty much have zero chance of winning. If the Sentinel is only average, you have a slight chance. Here are some easy tactics you can use:

Ryu, Ken and Guile all have useable anti-air assists. Because of this I will suggest to use Ken’s hurricane kick assist instead because it gives you powerful and easy options. For Guile go anti-air assist because his is really good. For Ryu you should go with anti-air assist if you play against a lot of rushdown characters (Magneto, Storm) but otherwise you should go with Projectile assist because even though it sucks it gives you some long-range reach.

With Ryu on point:
You can try to get in on Sentinel via super jump (be careful not to get hit by Captain Commando) or a dash jump into Hurricane Kick (best time to do this if you predict some low-flying drones). If you can start a combo on him you can easily mash crouching low kicks and the Ken Hurricane Kick assist. If Ken’s assist hits, just do a normal jump and hit Sentinel with a free Super (similar to how Cable gets a free super whenever Cyclops hits). This easy combo can actually serve you well in all your matches.

With Ken on point:
Your goal is to get his damaging air combo (launch, jump, lp, Hurricane Kick) to hit. You can try to Hurricane kick towards the opponent to get in while covering the ground with Ryu’s projectile assist. You can also try to super jump in through the air or use his roll to get close (VDO does this very well so you should watch vids of him). Ken’s multi-hit grab is also good to abuse (again, watch VDO for how to use this well).

With Guile on point:
Try to hit the other guy with Sonic Hurricane if you can. You can cancel this into Ryu’s hurricane kick super or Ken’s Shinryuken for respectable damage. When you super jump towards the opponent, you can throw off his timing by using a flash kick in the air as a crude “double jump”.

When Sentinel flies around:
Use Guile’s assist to smack him out of the air. You can also use Ryu or Kens hurricane kick while super jumping but this is really high risk and will probably get hit by Captain Commando (it’s still an option, though). Guile’s assist also works well against runaway Cable, runaway Storm, rushdown Storm and rushdown Magneto.

best post in this entire thread and IMO is the only one that fully addresses this guy’s problem.

OP for your sake I’ll go further into detail. MvC2 is a very special game. there are two reasons why a low tier char will most likely never win in MvC2. the first reason is that the power balance is whacky, the second is that MvC2 is a heavily power-favoring game.

what I mean when I say power balance is… as far as their capability in winning, Sentinel would be a lion and Guile would be a mouse. NORMALLY, this kind of balance isn’t the determinant in whether a person will win or lose a match because skill still plays a role. but as I’ve said before, MvC2 is a very special game.

as I’ve said before MvC2 is a game that heavily favors power. the higher tier chars aren’t just BETTER than the low tier chars, they completely obsolete them… both in ability to win and the options available to them during battle. options example, vs the low tier chars you could kill one of them or even just hurt the char and use runaway the entire rest of the match and you’d actually win. not because the guy sucks, but because his character has no options that allow him to stop it. anyway, even if you do pick a low tier char… usually whatever you try to do with a low tier char can be done even better by a high tier one. in other words to even make sure you’re not using obsolete chars, you would have to try your hardest to find something that’s exclusive just to those 3. I don’t know MvC2 very well but I think the only thing exclusive to Ryu is shoryuken. anyway, because they have few very useful things exclusive to them, they will be overlooked.

these two things combine to make low tier chars utterly worthless. if you play them, you’d only be doing so because you really, really like something about those chars in specific like their attack animation, sprite, special moves setup, etc. it MAY be possible that you could train your ass off and become skilled enough to learn tactics that could help you compete with those chars, but then it’s like why bother. you could pick a better char and change your success rate instantly

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